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UPDATE (Oct 12, 2010): It's now possible to continue the game from the last checkpoint reached after returning to the menu or closing the game. Some minor bug fixes.

UPDATE (Mar 15, 2010): Two new multiplayer levels have been added!

G-Switch is a simple concept taken to the extreme. The one-button gravity switch mechanic allows for a very fast-paced game with interesting gameplay that is very intense and addictive.

In the main game mode you have to complete 8 checkpoint sections, where your skills will be pushed to the limit in a carefully thought-out level design.

In Endless mode you have the addictive challenge of beating your high score, in a level that's different each time you play it!

Remember the good old days when you'd play games with friends that were actually physically next to you? Here's your chance to revive that spirit like never before, with a multiplayer mode for up to 6 players on one keyboard!

I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it!



definately fun for 1-4 players. Goood graphics and timing strategy. I only give this a nine out of ten because it gets somewhat boring after a while. (maybe because I was lonely?)

Top Game.

The best multiplayer game for 3 or more players, please continue updating the game to be the best forever!

love the multiplayer

Hey ^^ i have already told you this but i love this game exspecially the multiplayer mode. :-) Good Stuff 10/10


I love 'one button'-games. This one is particuarly good. The single player game is fun and progressively hard.
But the best thing about this game is the multiplayer part. Never before have playing a game with your friends been this much fun :D It never seizes to be entertaining.

And if people find it too easy, they should try the multiplayer level controling two figures each - which is somewhat challenging. ;)

WAY hard... for twitchmasters only!

but fun. I spent almost an HOUR trying to complete this, but never succeeded. Like Joshthegoth, I got stuck on the 2nd to last section. I don't know how you do it in 10 minutes, but I wish I knew. I am still giving it a 10 though because it is an awesome game- it keeps you addicted!

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4.03 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2010
10:15 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other