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Stick Platformer

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Author Comments

well this is the 2nd game i ever made my platformer unfortunatlly i lost the fla. so this is what i got



Terribly glitchy, messed up physics, ugly looking

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your physics are phucked up

glitchy but good

this game is pretty good, even though it has a hell of a lot of glitches in it, i guess that could be because you lost the fla. or you just programed it that way. but all and all if you take away the glitches its alright, just lacks music and sound effects.

Good start

Everything seems to be working the way it should- controls are good, objects affect the character in various ways. Clean up the artwork a little and maybe work on adding sound later on. Also, when the character falls from the clouds, the death screen should probably come up, but it ends up just a stick man in white space.

Needs alot of work.

Okay, there's alot to say here, so please bear with me on this.

Typically, a game is created with the intention to entertain, since the author desires for his gamers to enjoy the experience and possibly look forward to more in another work of the author.
The problem with this flash game is... Quite frankly, it isn't fun to play.

One word sums this up. Glitchy.
For starters, this doesn't feel much like a platformer. Platformers usually consist of jumping from point "A" to point "B" without managing to die.
This game feels more like "Hold the up button and hope you glide as far as you can."

Yes, the dynamics and physics in this game are completely confounded.
Pressing the "up" key jettisons the stick person very far into the air, and this wouldn't be too much of a problem if motion physics and animation were applied more indepth to the jump.
Basically, the stick man almost flies upwards.
Notably, if you press the up key again while "jumping," the stickman will do another jump. Press up again, and he'll do another, though with less power.

In layman's terms, this creates an unnecessary "hang-time" with makes the game even less dificult because aside from the fact that the stick man jumps over ever everything by a mile, the "hanging" aspect allows for him to drag himself even further in a direction, thus eliminating the anticipation and anxiety of being killed.

With that being said, the actual dying part was so frustrating for me that I simply had to close out the game for a minute until I had the compacity to continue playing so that I may write an unbiased review.
Even remotely touching a spike restarts the game to level 1.
Nothing in that is wrong, but the problem arises when the screen suddenly flashes white, transcends into poorly done "Play again" screen, then slams you back into level 1.
That is annoying, and is almost flabbergasting after death is experienced a few times.
I would also point out that the flower "death trap" is vague in its purpose of killing the stickman.
You see, many people would initially think that the flower is not a death trap, due to spikes being the only fatal object thus far. Other people would think it to be a background object, but woe to them who touch the flower, because they will suffer an annoying "game over" screen.

This problem could have been solved by implementing a simple instructions screen (Which reminds me that no controls were stated for playing this game, thus creating confusion), and by creating a sort of guide for the entities within the game universe.

Another annoying fact that I would like to point out is that the landing detection in this game can be horrible. The first actual platform that is ventured across is intangible, and the stick man will pass into it.
A gamer of no prior knowledge to this will most likely jump to his doom in his attempt to pass over the dangerous gap.
Not good at all.
I'll also point out tha placing the word "ladder" on an area the stick man is supposed to scale seems ridiculous. Why not insert an actual ladder in the area?

Lastly, the placing of individual walls is questionable.
You place walls in areas that seem relatively safe, yet on the third level of the game, the stickman actually spawned OFF the stage and got stuck in a never ending free fall.
That could have been solved by implementing an invisible wall, and I'll admit, this is where I exited the game.

But, this is only your 2nd flash game, so I won't judge the creation too harshly.
There is still room for improvement, and I'm sure you will make that bound to greater quality within your flash career.

I do hope to see what you come up with next.

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Credits & Info

1.62 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2010
9:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other