Avgn Plays Smb:ll

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Tho most famous scat fetisisist in the world: Angry Video Game Nerd Plays The Super Mario Bros 2 aka. The Lost Levels

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Dude ur a dick avgn would never do this shit Fuck you im going to Bel-Air

Gut below me is a n00b. AVGN is a great guy, his purpose of reviewing bad games is to warn innocent gamers to not buy them However, this movie was offensive showing a nice guy eating his own Poop.

i fucking hate avgn

WTF man

I swear, n****r jokes are not funny, unless dave chapelle uses them, or their put on the boondocks, otherwise it jus makes u seem racist dude

Catoblerone responds:

that's logical

Neat animation...nice song!

Weird content, but it's your animation style or whatever...and it's not like there haven't been weirder things on this site.

What was the song used?

Catoblerone responds:

SebastiAn - Dog