Youda Legend Golden Bird

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Are you ready for a new adventure and give up your holiday to search for mysteries and reveal another Legend?

After your city trip to Amsterdam, this time you have chosen for a relaxing holiday. A trip to tropical paradise. No way anything will come in between that can disturb this! It all seems peaceful, but again the journey will be nothing you expected it to be. The tropical environments will bring you more than relaxing and cocktails at the beach..... if only you knew.

The jungle hides secrets you don't know of, locals do know more, but do not reveal all.... Questions rise, irreversible decisions have to be made to finally reveal the mystery of the golden bird in Paradise.

The only thing you can be sure of.... The Golden Bird has special powers that go beyond every imagination.

Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise offers you:

21 hidden objects
18 mini games
Tropical environments
Lots of challenging puzzles
Beautiful 3D design
Dynamic inventory
A thrilling new Legend!


Should have called it demo

Otherwise well made

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Tough game, great game!!

I don't mind if they didn't put Demo on the game when the free version is so fun to play. And a lot of free playing time also i might add.

Great game, love to see more.

Only one complaint:

Is it really so hard to put "DEMO" somewhere in the title?

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good game

Even thought it was a demo it was pretty long for one and i enjoyed playing it for that long. I really liked the puzzles and everything. Great graphics and story...really enjoyed it

This game is AWESEOM!

This is challenging yes. i don't know why people hate it. Yes its hard to see, but its still really fun! A puzzle game. If u have been paying attentino people to the order of the coins flashing that is obviously the code to the cylinder. A very fun a hard game. Some of the items are concealed and blend in the background which makes it hard. its the point of the game. Appreciate that its not so easy. If it was that obvious this game wud be horrible

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2010
3:49 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click