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This is a beta version. I added a lot of new features, so hopefully all you whiners will stop. Please tell me where you would like to see improvement.

Press and hold the arrow keys to rotate.



i Have Stopped Doing The Adventures Of Jason So I Am Making A New Series!!!! It Is Called Bodiless Squad And They Start In This Madness Scene Creator where i got it from exactly? A YouTube Video Search Up On YouTube "Madness Bodiless" And You'll Find It! So To Start Off The Bodiless Squad Are At Their HQ But Then Theyre Boss Says That They Need To Go On A Mission To Stop A BadGuy! Find Out What They Do In The Next Bodiless Story! Get What I Said There?

Jesus and his friend entered the building where some satanist cults happen.Jesus's friend took an enemy's MP5K cuz' he's out of ammo for his pistol.They're now in a room with 3 guys.Jesus throw his Binary sword in one of the enemy's head,nailing him on the wall.Then he shoots another enemy on the head with his Magnum.Jesus's friend shoots an enemy 2 times in the belly,then starts to slash him with his knife.The guys falls to the ground and let his gun fall too.Jesus's friend points his gun to the guy's head,who asks for mercy.Will he kill the guy?Will Jesus forgive his soul?Discover on the next part of the adventures of Jesus and his friend.

awesome man ive been watching madness combat eveer since it came out this is awesome

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this is sparta

This is COOPARTA!!

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Feb 4, 2010
1:40 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler