Mario's Life

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This is a re-made version that I already have up. If this one gets through, which I'm sure it will, I'm gonna delete the other one. The only thing that is different on this one, is that I had credits on the original, but waited like 10-15 seconds before they would start. So this it starts like a second after "the end" appears on the screen.
(update) I was gonna delete the other one, but I like having comments, so gonna keep them both up =P

I hope you all like this movie, and just know, if you like it, I might be willing to send you a copy of the story that I based this movie off of. But no one asked before, so I doubt anyone will ;)



It's ok but,well first the begging writing could have been sped up and maybe quicken the shroom thing. Other wise it was ok though.

zergtillian responds:

I know the beginning was too slow, thats the main draw back thing, but the shroom, I don't see too much of a problem with that.. It made it past the voting, so fine by me, lol

save the princess

Mario's life only consists of saving princess peach, theirs really nothing more. you miss spelled a lot of things in this movie. if your going to do history about a famous Nintendo game character, you could try learning how to spell things first. it does look like you put a lot of time into this video though.

zergtillian responds:

I know how to spell, like I just did on the review before this one. So long as you have the first and last letter in the correct place, you can read it just fine. Found that out years ago, and thought I would do it as baby talk and goomba talking. Things that can't normally talk

Didn't quite meet its potential.

Don't get me wrong... There types of flash submissions are hard to judge for a number of reasons, and to be quite frank, this one isn't very easy to judge either.

The main problem I see with the flash isn't within the concept of the movie; it is simply the way the movie executed itself to meet this goal.
I understand what is trying to be conveyed in the project, yet the flash seems to fall short on meeting the standard of narration.

You see, the story started off well and good, but the pacing and plot became blurred after Mario's encounter with the "shroom."
Mario's confrontation with the Goomba, his meeting with Yoshi, and his fight with Bowser seemed so utterly insignificant to the plot as a whole that I must say that these occurences should not have been placed in the movie at all.

Lastly, Mario wakes up, apparently as a child, and contemplates on what not to do in his future.
The question here is: "What shouldn't he do?"
Should he not eat the shroom? Or should he not face the Goomba? Or is it that he shouldn't follow Yoshi down a pipe? Or is it that he shouldn't face Bowser in a duel?
None of these questions are answered, and the character dialogue is so bland that no character development may be extracted so that the viewer may at least either form a relationship with the characters, or at least come to terms with what the plot is trying to imply.
It should be noted that the ending of the flash movie totally neglects the previous happenings prior to the ending, and completely ruins whatever lasting effects the project could have had.
The ending is also a cliche on many disturbing levels.

The graphical style was interesting, but I couldn't help but notice that Mario's sprite changes very occasionally throughout the movie.
It is very distracting to see Mario jump on Yoshi and suddenly Mario becomes larger than the dinosaur himself.

The use of sounds did what it was meant to do, and I have no complaints with this regard.

Lastly, the opening sequence (That occurs after the flash has preloaded) is overly long and bears no relation to the plot at all, aside from the fact that the introduction is simply spelling out the name of the flash.
I'm pretty sure that the introduction bordered around 12+ seconds, and that isn't good considering the fact that you as an artist are trying to mantain the interest of your audience.

But, I digress from here.
I did enjoy actually viewing the movie, and again, it did have potential to be something more than it is as of now.

I do hope to see you in future projects, and I wish the best of luck to you in your flash career.

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zergtillian responds:

Thanks for the review, and gettin in depth with it. The main things I can say right off the bat is this. I would get bored working on the movie and set it aside for a long time before even touching it =P But I see all that you're saying like how you don't have time to create a relationship with the characters. Obviously it's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't know who Mario is. I have a magazine or read something that says Mario is the worlds most known character. Like if I was to ask you, who is Mario? I'm sure you'd think of this plumber Mario, unless you know Mario's in life, then them. But anyways I could of done more with getting to know each character, rather than assuming everyone knows who Mario is.
On each scene base, I would change the characters look to be just how it is in that game. I did all the art work up until it hit the Mario RPG era, so the last two scenes. I tried to do the Mario RPG but it didn't turn out right, and I know I could of done the babies, but by that time, it was the last part of the movie, and already spent way to much time working on it, I just wanted to get it done by that time ;)

Thanks for watching this movie and giving a good honest review about it. And I do have a couple other flash movies, this one is one of them, but I shortened the length of time for the credits to start. I would delete it, but I like actually having reviews now that I think of it ;) I would of fixed the couple bugs in the movie, like get rid of the start button after you hit it, and gotten rid of a lot of the 'uh's that Mario says. But I have triplets now, and too much noise to remember all the small things =(

I have a couple other videos if you'd care to watch them and review them. They are Tissie Bear (that was a movie made for my wife, so not sure if you'd care for it.) and BGS (incomplete) That one I'm working on now, its a stick figure movie, and it held up, so gives me a reason to finish it, seeing as most all stick figure movies are too boring. But this one is gonna be much better I would hope to think.

Anyways once again, thanks for the review

intro too long

not too bad but the intro was really too long and you should desactivated the play button

zergtillian responds:

yeah I thought of doing that, seeing as I resubmitted this movie, but have to much junk going on around the house that I forgot to deactivate it, but thanks for noticing, lol


A few complaints; After you hit start, watching the pencil write out the title was very long and boring.
The animation was pretty choppy, progression was slow and relied heavily on text messages on the screen.

It's most redeeming quality is that you seemed to have replaced the sprite art with your own pencil copies which was a little nice.

zergtillian responds:

I know the opening was slow, which I'm sure a lot of low votes come from that, seeing as I'm sure it could be voted on by the time the opening is done.. But like you said, I did most of the artwork all on my own. I did all the animation till it Mario RPG, thats when I tried to do it, but too hard to do it, thats when I found images for it and had to work for awhile on it. But anyways, thanks for the review =P

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Feb 3, 2010
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