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This is a re-made version that I already have up. If this one gets through, which I'm sure it will, I'm gonna delete the other one. The only thing that is different on this one, is that I had credits on the original, but waited like 10-15 seconds before they would start. So this it starts like a second after "the end" appears on the screen.
(update) I was gonna delete the other one, but I like having comments, so gonna keep them both up =P

I hope you all like this movie, and just know, if you like it, I might be willing to send you a copy of the story that I based this movie off of. But no one asked before, so I doubt anyone will ;)



It is awsome..good animation,good story and good credits

zergtillian responds:

Thanks a lot. Took me a long time to finish the movie
It was a lot of fun making it though, well worth it in the long run I think..

There's a little mistake...

Learn how to write! Or at least get someone who KNOWS english to do the script

zergtillian responds:

I know how to write.. I know english.. its just I learned that way to write. Hence doing it as the goomba talking and baby talk. So its my interpritation of them talking. So long as you have the first and last letter where they are supposed to be, you can read it just fine

good actually

there are only a few movies on newgrounds that i like but this is one of the best. but only because i am a big mario fan.

zergtillian responds:

Even though the movie didn't get a high rating, glad to know that you liked it a lot ;) Like hearing stuff like that, I have a couple other movies, this one already, but I shortened the wait time to start the credits for it. And stiff forgot to deactivate the play button sadly enough.. Too much junk going on around my house. Last three names on the credits (if you watched it) are my kids, just had triplets 10 months ago.
I'm a big fan of mario games too as well. The ones that I put in the movie are pretty much the ones I like a lot, barely played Mario Sunshine, but really dumb from what I've played, and haven't played Mario Galaxy, but other than that, I like all Mario games.
I based this movie off of a story I wrote, obviously theres a little bit more in the story seeing as movies never have all thats in a story really. If you'd like, I might be able to type up the story and email it to you, but thats only if you'd actually want it. And if I can find it ;)


Great job. But some of the parts I didn't like cuz sometimes it's too slow when they move which bores it.

zergtillian responds:

everyone gots their own opinion, in mine, I think that I sped through all the parts too fast. The Donkey Kong scene is the only one that takes awhile longer on the scene. All the others he's to the next part in seconds it would seem

Not, uh, bad.

The only annoying part was how he kept saying "uh". This would be a lot better if it went through all the Mario games to date. Also, it shouldn't loop.

zergtillian responds:

yeah I know.. Like I said in the author comment thing, this was a repost, because I have the wait time for the credits take too long on the other, so wanted to shorten it. Wanted to fix all the little bugs on it, but forgot to ;) I have kids screaming every which way, and remembered right after posting it about fixing all the 'uh's that he says. Wanted to take about half of those out, lol

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Feb 3, 2010
9:39 PM EST