Mario's Life

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This is a re-made version that I already have up. If this one gets through, which I'm sure it will, I'm gonna delete the other one. The only thing that is different on this one, is that I had credits on the original, but waited like 10-15 seconds before they would start. So this it starts like a second after "the end" appears on the screen.
(update) I was gonna delete the other one, but I like having comments, so gonna keep them both up =P

I hope you all like this movie, and just know, if you like it, I might be willing to send you a copy of the story that I based this movie off of. But no one asked before, so I doubt anyone will ;)


Not horrible but...

The pace of the whole flash was too slow and the visuals are too crude, not mentioning the dialogue text was almost unreadable.

zergtillian responds:

Everything was very readable if you were trying to read it. Unless you're talking about all the 'uh's i put on it. Which I should've shortened that to only a few, but didn't..
And how are the visuals too crude? Its Mario, not gonna add a gun to his arm or something like that. So pretty much all was the way it should be


A few complaints; After you hit start, watching the pencil write out the title was very long and boring.
The animation was pretty choppy, progression was slow and relied heavily on text messages on the screen.

It's most redeeming quality is that you seemed to have replaced the sprite art with your own pencil copies which was a little nice.

zergtillian responds:

I know the opening was slow, which I'm sure a lot of low votes come from that, seeing as I'm sure it could be voted on by the time the opening is done.. But like you said, I did most of the artwork all on my own. I did all the animation till it Mario RPG, thats when I tried to do it, but too hard to do it, thats when I found images for it and had to work for awhile on it. But anyways, thanks for the review =P

There's a little mistake...

Learn how to write! Or at least get someone who KNOWS english to do the script

zergtillian responds:

I know how to write.. I know english.. its just I learned that way to write. Hence doing it as the goomba talking and baby talk. So its my interpritation of them talking. So long as you have the first and last letter where they are supposed to be, you can read it just fine

save the princess

Mario's life only consists of saving princess peach, theirs really nothing more. you miss spelled a lot of things in this movie. if your going to do history about a famous Nintendo game character, you could try learning how to spell things first. it does look like you put a lot of time into this video though.

zergtillian responds:

I know how to spell, like I just did on the review before this one. So long as you have the first and last letter in the correct place, you can read it just fine. Found that out years ago, and thought I would do it as baby talk and goomba talking. Things that can't normally talk

intro too long

not too bad but the intro was really too long and you should desactivated the play button

zergtillian responds:

yeah I thought of doing that, seeing as I resubmitted this movie, but have to much junk going on around the house that I forgot to deactivate it, but thanks for noticing, lol

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2.81 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2010
9:39 PM EST