Weekend Fuck

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This game is about three horny and hungry for cock girls. This weekend you have to fuck them. Dont mess up with them. Good luck!

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Pretty decent animation, although it is a bit static and the story-line is pretty linear. Overall not bad, but there could be a bit more to it both animation wise and story-line wise.


i have a big hole in my pants now.

game plays weak, options ar limited art is all sourced from other places with character design stolen from different anime.
the dialogue feels like some neck beard who's gonna tip his fedora wrote it, its like 90% "nice guy" stuff that never fucking works but someone in this game gets you laid for no discernible reason.
just all over this is weak, the Meet n' Fuck franchise has better story telling, and that's not saying much. that said it has decent animation and a solid attempt at doing what its supposed to.

More "whiteout spells" when he comes to ejaculate! He does that every game now - needs to see a doctor, or he'll wake up naked in a dumpster some day.

Very simple, short game. Even the sex doesn't last long (you can see that as good or bad). Nice use of the phone.

If I was him, I'd drop Michelle and her mysterious friend (?) in the nightclub. Emma's all woman, even if her boobs veer to zeppelin size and nearly burst. Her body is neatly drawn and very sexily depicted, concentrated in the eager, cum-craving riding cowgirl position. The other two look like a quick assemblage of speedily-sketched limbs, not very coordinated or alluring bodies or movements.

And for those who say poor sad Emma (well, poor and sad no more after one good hard fucking, even a quickie, it seems - a good sign for our hero for an exhilarating new fuck relationship!) is a bit too beefy, especially round the middle, I say nonsense: curvily feminine, lustfully sprung, sexy and as I said: all woman! :o)~ Someone properly smoochy and groovy to hold.

'Fraid I can't give that many stars for this game, on the whole. Something for the telephone play, but most for Emma.

More Emma, please - he's got to have a chance of fucking her a lot more than this! Boobywank, missionary, juicy blowjob, handjob, ... hell, even anal if you really insist. "Because she's worth it."