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Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

A first submission by me and Haizeel Hashnan (akoRn) in year 2010. This going to be a comedy series too!

THE UNIVERSITY: Presentation Day - part 1

The University tells the life of student in campus, lots of random and unexpected happened in Minimedia University. In this episode, the student had to face the fearsome challenge, which is to present their assignment for the first time ever!!

The voice acting was brilliantly acted by the following people:
Dreux Ferrano (Druoxtheshredder)
Spiff Shu
Kimlinh Tran (Hnilmik)
Anthony Lopez
Michael Nash (Adam Crow)
Tony Rooney (Nasicom)
Jazmik Orgazmic
Anthony Sardinha (Antfish)
Matthew Vargas

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy the animation, and please drop a review... Oh yeah, please do vote! =D

EDIT 01: Wow, front page!! I would to thanks this to the fans, Newgrounds and especially TomFulp for giving this opportunity!

EDIT 02 : Daily 5th! It's an honor! Thank you for all your vote & ty to Tom Fulp & Newgrounds...! I try to improve all the flws we haf here into the next part... Again, thank you!


hmm cool

it had some funny parts and intresting but a little hard to follow in terms of charqactors maybe make like a character intro at the start...i dont know good job

Blakant responds:

character intro? I'll think of it, thanks you for the idea! :D

writing needs alot of work

the animations good, and i bloody love that jazz-funk ending tune, but the script was dry, it had moments, like saying no to geena, that cracked me up, but everything else was kinda dissapointing.

PS im actually living the life of this show, if you want some funny stories I got whole bag of em here

Blakant responds:

sure, juz contact me, glad if u can help me. THANKS!! Looking forward from u. =D
Heck, I'll even send u a PM right away

Achievement Unlocked!

I loved that. I give you a five! The guy doing a snow angel in the dead kids saliva was a great touch. And I liked the art all over the walls.

Blakant responds:

thank you!


8 for the music!!

Pretty Funny

Great quality of animation and the pace and sense of timing could have been a bit longer my favorite part was the achievment unlocked say no to Geena the characters were pretty interesting and great audio choice could have been a better plot though.

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2010
7:17 AM EST
Comedy - Original