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My First NG Submission

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This is my first flash submission to NG. I hope you like it. I had more, but my comp kinda died on me and i lost all of my flashes...along with other important stuff... :c
Anywhos, i quickly did this in an hour. sorry for the lack of audio, and well, i hope you like it.

If you didnt get the joke about Princess Peach popping outta nowhere, in Super Smash Bros Brawl, she does this atk where she launches her butt towards the opponent and sends them flying. ... Get it now?



it was ok, a little loose with the animation but i guess this is your first submission, so hopefully you take on the constructive criticism from the more experienced creators and produce animations like a rabbit's reproductive cycle =D

not bad

you know for a first this isn't too bad, and you've incorporated a lot of ideas in one short animation, keep up the good work


i wonder if this is your first animation or first submission?

Very nice for a first

I advise putting audio, then it would be more awesome. Keep 'em coming.

Like a little

1st submission, not 1st flash.
Seems a neat frame by frame. The joke is hard to understand unless if you are a game adict.

Liked, in overall. I usually give 0 on first submissions (60 blam points), but congratz, you made me act differently.
Keep going, dude.

inuthanh responds:

HAha you're a sharp one. Thanks for the comment. I'll try better to make my jokes easier to understand. I'm working on one right now, and i'll probably finish it in an hour or two. Watch out for it :D

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2.20 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2010
5:49 AM EST
Comedy - Original