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Magic Pink Man 2

February 2, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

My laptop hasn't been able to hold a charge for the past few months, which is why I wasn't able to upload this. And now here it is!

Thanks Mike Kleine, Zak Baldwin, Jeremy Grandorff, Matt Hocker, Jake Burton, and Trevor Nixon.

UPDATE: Fancy Mike has put the Magic Pink Man 2 soundtrack up for free downloading! Check my profile page for more info.
http://fancymike.bandcamp .com/album/magic-pink-man -2


I DIDN'T GET FUCKED UP, but I did not get the hidden ending.

the legend of zelda with rap and with drugs

hey you stab the mountain man in the town with the sword did you know that?

Awesome game,medal's and little extra funny thing's in it P:


The lazor of the final boss has bigger hitbox than animation.
Fix it!

those spiders can suck my balls
great game by the way

the arcade style was a great touch! The game was fun, and it was seemingly easy!

is the magic pink man patrick star?

Fuck Cow: tip over a cow

I'm 10 years old again: buy the cape

LOL I got all the medals and the hidden ending is funnehl!

This game is really bad... but it's still entertaining, even though the last boss is a little messed up, since touching it will hurt you, but that's also how you hurt him...

hey can someone help me i cant get past the part where you have to fight all the guys with the swords i need help other then that 10/10 nice game


I cant even MOVE the pink dude. none of the keys do ANYTHING for me. he just stands there doing nothing. Because of this i got no option but to say this game is completely useless and a waste of my time. I would NOT recommend any of my friends to even try this game. i give this a rating of 0/10 for the simple reason i am unable to play it.

fuck cows!

Try harder man. If you need to find the bacon, Kill the pink Pig then bring the pig meat to the fire place. there is your bacon.

I may be retarded, but I believe that a glitch is keeping me from advancing the game. I am pretty stuck at the moment, having opened the left door in the dungeon, killed the epic cat and the bear, obtained the red plus sign... A fellow near the soda of youth talks about a key he's guarding and how he gets paid with bacon, but the truth is he never gives me a key even if I slaughter a million pigs.
Help? Walkthrough? Or is it really a glitch?
Regardless, awesome game, I really hope more of these get made.


Its hard

It's much more hard and funny!
This game is really joyful!

to get the secret ending just wait until after the credits

i play game god medals

Wow, um, there's a great game. This sure is pretty fantastic.
It needs a sequel though; honestly I would love one.

Please make a third installment!

Ive beaten it like 3 times and i cant get it. Other than that it was a good game.


Whre did you get the song cause i love it.I mean the main song.By the way nice job

My only complaint is that, for the rainbow deathbeam the boss fires, even being remotely near any part of it will instantly kill you.

THIS GAME OH THIS GAME IS.......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds and looks like a good game, but it wont load! i cant tell if its my computer or not but it did the same thing on the first magic pink man game too. i cant wait untel its fixed so i can play it!! :D


the best series on newgrounds, please.....make more

quite possibly one of the best games i've ever played

all you have to to do is tip a cow and buy the cap,im still wondering why that one gives you SO much

I didn't find it that good of a game...

Very good game! very funny, the music's better and the story too, I really like how much more depth it has without losing its original charm, keep up the excellent work.....while I keep trying to beat the magician... XD

every1 is talking about fucking a cow-_-


simple. Great. Simply Great. (wish I didn't mute the music like I normally would)
Oh, and great intro.

This is a great sequel to the first game, its so funny. xD I love getting the "fuck cows" achievement over and over again.
"What the heck???"

Despite the lack of grapics, which were totally acceptable due to the extensive gamplay, this game was actually really good. Also, love the jokes, and the was also awsome. Brilliant job !

a fuck cows medal duder u are so sick

i love this music game so much

i got to know what is up with the damn orange it not good for anything

Really digging on the music, Its like a strange alteration of dubstep haha
well anyway marvelous fun game, Good music fun bosses :]

please please keep up the splendid work.

I loved this game because of it's gameplay, it retro Atari-style graphics, and the fact it was much longer and challenging than the original.

Excellent work Magic Pink Man. Excellent work indeed.



that was one of the best games i have ever played. it was so funny-ha ha ha it seems that-oh shit is that the secret sowrd of surpub magic? OMG LOL!!!

to get a 100 point medal buy a cape for 20 dirty lemons.

good game and all but you should make magic pink man 3

at the end my guy let her out of the cage and she flew back in

I love this! I hope you make a third one or so help me God...

wish there was more of a challenge, enjoyed it though, good game.

So the hard part is how to buy stuff from that green screwy pixel it's hard.

i fought a bear for a f^king harmonica??!!

this game iso hard

I also didn't like it that much that all areas regenerate after I leave them (although this seems to be the only way to get enough dirty lemons for all items - not that I really understood what they do). Somehow I remember the first one as more fun; perhaps b/c I couldn't finish this one...

i like this game cause u get a medal for tipping cows,but the game is too hard.

A great way to waste time when your bored. Very funny.

This was awesome. It's basically all in humor, and it was done very well. I also love how much different from Magic Pink Man 1 this was; I played it first, and when I was going here I expected something similar, but then there's voice acting, cutscenes, and awesome music. Something about the high quality music and jokes along with these old school graphics and mechanics just makes this great. Also, is there a way to not get the hidden ending?

A lot better than the first game, loved the humour!

Filthy lemons, Danger Dogs and Cats hahahahahhaahaha!

FUCK COWS. lol, awesome, way better than the first one.

This one is so much better than the first Magic Pink Man. The soundtrack was awesome as well. Thanks so much to Fancy Mike for the music and for making it easily accessible.

I loved the music and everyones dialog in the game. Made me laugh, something flashes tend to not do.

great game but i found a glitch on the last boss battle on the part where he starts teleporting everywhere and the rainbow beam starts randomly shooting out of the middle of the room i die for no reason but othr than that awesome.

I lost to the sumo boss, and the game glitched. Fix that. Other that that, game is hilarious.

I ragged on the first magic pink man. This one was much more entertaining. You gain an internet.

i downloaded some of your music at that bandcamp site and loven it!

this is awesome. i like how there's no like action button shit just happens when you run into something very convenient

Did he make another one? This is much better, but not great.

in my opinion, you should combine number one and two so you won't those negative comments on the first one
i like this new style of art but it doesn't look too professional...
haha the swears and comments always make me laugh
it's quite easy and is a good game for enjoying and relaxing

Love the intro, so serious.

i lol`d when the guards saw the sword, good game, simple and really fun!

The both secret medals are:
I'M 10 YEAR OLD AGAIN-Buy the cape in shop
FUC K COWS-Tipped a cow(Get next to her)

it's so hard and i finally win! thanks for the secret medals

To get both of the secret medals:
Tip a cow
Buy a cape.

That game was awsome

so hard .....
the final boss make me crazy............

to kill the fire breathing danger cat w8 4 it 2 stop blowing fire then walk in its left side then run then do it again and again and again and again boom dead yw :D o awesome game tho

How do you kill the danger cat I can't do it!!!!! This game is fun, but seriously, arrrrgh!

to get one of the secret medals u have to go over a cow...

Great game
to get a seceret medal get 20 lemons and buy the cape
100 points

it was really good other than the fact that u die even if ur not by the rainbow lazer or spiders



i got all the MEDALS!!!!yay=]nice game

It was just very fun and addicting to me and just seemed as if everything was put together right.

When i was at the wizard boss i kept randomly dying when i got to the part with the rainbow lazer that spins around. 2 problems, i would hit the boss several times and he wouldnt die, and i would die even thoug hthe spiders or lazer were nowhere near me.

1. LOOK (I love pixels)
4. EVYRYTHING! (for example: it's not too short, not too long)

I just LOVE this game! It's awsome!

I love Magic Pink man 1 and 2. Amazing music and really fun game play.

it is a fun and cool game.

i give it 20 stars for the game!! =]

nice sound :D

are great! but whats the main main theme song!? i cant seem to find it on the link that you so kindly put up :( the song right when you start the gameplay. i love it so!

buy the cape at the misterious awesome guy

awesome game btw i know that if you kill a cow you will get a secret medal :D

i enjoyed it!

I laughed so hard at the alternate ending XD

read the title

gReat gAme

Wait is this a Nine Inch Nails song? xD

Is'nt brush suppose to be bush?

Fantastic game, I very liked musics!

I heard about that button in Pico Ludo Veangeance.

really cool tha game and i get all medal. very easy to finish ant very funny the secret ending XD

got all the medals :D


Simply, i luv it,

Will there be a part III?

Longer and a bit better than the first. Screw that dumb pink bitch-hole, you don't need her Pink Man. I liked the part when you first get in the room with all the black knight lookn dudes and they fuck you up and then you come back. Great friggn' music by the way.

I WON! I also got all the medals, exept the last 1. What is the 100 point secret medal?

You can't hit the boss and avoid taking damage once you get to the part where he's warping around while the rainbow beam is firing. You must take damage at that point and it's an insane amount and if that doesn't kill you right there the next part does. Other than that flaw, I loved the game.

Ya darn cows and there spots

like it a lot

The hit detection on the wizard's rainbow beams is really inaccurate, in that I'm able to dodge the beams easily but still get my HP drained as if I'm being hit by them. It was disappointing to get all the way to that point and then not be able to finish the battle.

In any way

great music, great stopry, great character design, great script, great story, great artwork, great controls, great concept, great moral, great game.

And I've got the soundtrack!

I love you

but rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eally nice music the first one is the best

very easy the final boss is so cool is game

Fucking spiders lol
the wizard is fukking easy, but those DAMN SPIDERS ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS...

the stupid f****** final boss is impossible.Did you also have to put these stupid spiders???????

calm down raffleclone,calm,down.

i fund it too short

yay! i got all the medals. for the secret one, u just have to collect 20 coins and then buy from the guy who sells 3 items the middle one. there ya go!

This is like Legend of Zelda meets Atari. Also reminds me of that old computer game Castle of the Winds. oh and by the way, the ending, LOL!!! Best ending ever!!!

great game! loved the 8 bit graphics, and the music, when i was playing i feel like dancing xD

i think i found a bug.the hat keep get of my head.happens most in the dog cave so it cant be the wind.

Sick game mate, needs to be more like this on NG.
Oh and btw, I didn't have problems with my keyboard, using google chrome

controls are off other then that good game

Also, the story told in the beginning sounds like she is about to rap xD

i love the fucking music in the forest!!!!!! :P

hard and fun

Awesome game! Not much I could say others haven't. But the reason I am posting, I looked through the post's to see if anyone else had the same problem I am having.

I saw only one post where a guy said he had a fucked up keyboard, but he didn't say what it was doing. For me, sometimes Magic Pink Man keeps going in a certain direction even when I stop pressing the button. My keyboard is not fucked up.

And sometimes he won't respond to the recipricol movement because he wants to keep going say left, and when I press right, he just stops. Then I have to tap left to get him to stop going left before I can try to go right. Same for up and down. I am able to play, but I have to "reset", if you will, his movement sometimes and it got me killed and what not. It might be on my end, but thats what I am experiencing.

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bosses were the best parts by far

All I have to say is that this simple but awesome game is really worth. The game has a continued story line that is real cool. I simply like it. Play it for yourself if you dont believe me.

Mindfuck. But I LOVED it!

lol "Is that the super secret sword of superb magic?" Loved the comedic aspect! Very funny.

Pure awesomeness.
"HOW MYSTERIOUS?!?!!?! Nothing seems to fit in this hole!!"
Love it. It makes fun of all those old GameBoy games that myseriously had a strange invisible wall in your way.

i wuold give this a higher sore if the final boss didnt' have so many glitches...
still a great game
yay my first review!

The ending was just xD

I love the old pixel style. What I find really funny is when you attack the cat and dog, it looks like you are eaten and crapped out XD!!!!! It's great!! It is real challenging.

from the green guy in town,with lemos u get by bringing the magic soda pool guy some bacon and go to the dungeon ad the right door and get some lemons to buy

attack the cow to get one of the secret medals :) i wont tell the other cause you'll have to figure it out

Fun.. rofl

its all good but you could have made it a little longer :D

the music is like a retro meets rap or somthing, anyways !!!AWESOME!!!


how do u fight the monsters ???

retarded yet funny. hhmmmmmmmmm

haha loved the first one, now i love this one too! great to see you can still get some good old cow tippin action

Uh man this game makes you stop thinking about bad things well sorta ( the ending) and the last boss wow who knew it would be hard for me...

is the reason i don't get dates becuase I'm playing a game called magic pink man 2 on valentine's day?
I think the answer to that is yes

The gameplay was jawesome

The story was jawesome

The characters words were jawesome

The ending was jawesome

The only thing that could have made this better was, more bosses, more upgrades, more lemons, and more pink girls. Well done

i enjoyed it but not as much as picos school or madness

My first review ;)
I love this game! Awesome music, nice atmosphere ;)

The Two Secret Madels Are 1.Fuck Cows-Tip A Cow Over 2.I'm 10 Years Old Again-Dress up With the Cape Hat From the Vendor 10/10 5/5

i can not get pass the danger fire bething cat.press/ up down left left up down up left right and you beat the game

The only thing that prevented me from enjoying this game is my fucked up keyboard. It makes it really hard to fight the last boss

you kill the bear then it will be in the chest

good game =3
but a little confusing =/

But i have ONE question. Somewhere on Newgrounds i saw the dude have a WEAPON! ZOMG EPIC! Where do you get a wep cuz im in need for that. And BTW where do you get a Harmonica?

Great game. :]

Great game, but during the final boss, I'll die for no reason. The big laser thing doesn't hit me, I'll be at half health, and the spiders are nowhere near me, and I'll die. Just like that, for no apparent reason, I'll die.

but i hate the stupid spiders at the last boss

HELP!! i think this game is awesome, but i cant figure out how to get past the guys past the orge behind the norrth door in the dungeon

Truly is a great and enjoyable game!

FUCK COWS: tip a cow (there's two in the game I think)

I'M 10 YEARS OLD AGAIN!: Buy the cape from the shop (you need 20 filthy lemons)

nice game!
heheheh 100 points for that!??
nice game...

This is awesome! Great humor animations etc. Good Job!

It's nice to see a game with a little humor built into it. ;D
Also, the music was perfect with the graphics. Very nice game. :)

intro is epic, music and climate!!!!! Game very fun :)

boss ass music fool
okay game
i like how you just took everything that makes a game fun
and fucking threw that shit out the window.
it was an interesting game, and kindof fun, but by no means great.

Seems like an awful lot of effort went into making this game terrible. Case in point: Pink Man Rap. Just.. no.

It's classic NES with that hint of Atari 2600 thrown in. Really enjoyed playing it.



i pushet a cow bahaha that fun

good, except for the fact that i kept getting killed at the very last boss, due to a glitch or something. It seems that even when nothing hits me, i got a game over with full health. Might wanna fix that rainbows range.

Really like it. It's got a retro (if not total crap) graphics, but they are just perfect for THAT kind of game :P Just a little bit hard with the ennemy killing.... it's the wrong kind of game to put an health system... the cat is one hard motherfucker, seriously, how to you beat it other than getting in his asshole? his tail hurts even when raised...

Epic game is Epic.

nice move with the NIN reference..

A pretty good game overall. The graphics were pretty simple in design but effective. The overall game play was okay, but it seemed way too short. It would be great if there were more depth, more areas to explore, bosses to defeat, etc. Despite that that, it was pretty entertaining to play. The best aspect of this game is definitely the music. It's beyond amazing and a great listen.

Overall is a very enjoyable though a little too short. I hope to see more in the future; keep up the good work.

Unfortunately the wizards beam attack is bugged and hits you even if you're nowhere near it sometimes. That was quite frustrating.

Otherwise, fantastic. Keep up the good work.

I loved the first and i loved the second. i also liked the hidden ending

Only problem I had was I was getting hit when I wasn't near the wizards beam attack.

Besides that everything was cool.

Your opening made me think this was going to be a Tarantino movie.

I'm a big fan of the music. The gameplay was clever enough to keep my attention for 5 minutes.

It was very fun, but the music was boring and the enemies were VERY easy.

Nice, it was really fun. But i didnt like how the spiders are invincible, unlike the wizard badass with ultimate power.

Nice work on this one. You game me my 5000 medal point :D so i have to guive you some xtra credit. Last boss is hard but the ending is tottaly worth it :3

did you sample legends of the hidden temple? dude, great music. and yes good game like the first one.

You die with half of your HP. Lmao.

Done with all medals, 100% and in 10 mins or less

I loved the 1st and the 2nd, but music was better at 1st

@Dakotasage: ,all you gotta do is get the SWORD from the cave by finding a skull after killing a baddy aftewr getting a machette to get past the bush and you have to get the rasins or whatever with the rake.


Shhh, the sectret ones are secret but as a tip, you need 20 lemons to get the 1000 PT secret.

how do you beat the knights TT-TT

I like this kind of game

Good game, I like the retro style, it literally never gets old. I like the humour and I found it quite challenging but not too hard to make me stop. I liked the music as well. What I don't like is that if you accidentally go back to a room where you killed a boss before, then the boss is there again and you have to kill it again. Maybe you did this on purpose but I think it's annoying. But overall, it's really nice!

Fun old school game.

310 medal points w00t w00t. :D

Fun for few minutes and that is what i was looking just now and with a bonus of cool music especially the one where you were fighting that fire-breathnig cat:D

first time around i could'nt figure out what to do but after a while i got it! loved it and went back to magic pink man 1 just to beat it again!

so ur supposed to give the meth to the whore after you kill her father?

The magic pink man has returned and this time was no different from the last except 20x more awesome and he was once again cleared in 3 mins thanks

gameplay: 3/3 - simple, fun, challenging boss
medals: 3/3 - high points, thank you!
music: 3/3 - 8bit, hip hop, etc. pretty sick
graphics: 1/3 - pixel stuff is overused, shitty, but it worked

hope you make a third one

Not a bad game, the pixel art was good, the music was fine, and it was fun to play. It was also hilarious :d especially the cow achievement. The game was fairly easy though, and it suffers a short length.


I just stuck around after killing the lil' fucker so I could listen to that great production.

Great game.

Its hard, but would be beatable, if you didn't die even if he doesn't hit you with epeleptic beam. sometimes, you just randomly die even when its not even near you. Also the system seems to repeat, evfen when you have completed the different trades you still keep the item, and you have to do it again and again to enter stuff sometimes. I like the old school retro pixel style, but the music sucks, seriously sorry.

how do u get through the door after you get around the evil guys wit HUGE swords??? i got to the door, but no enter cuz its "SUPER LOCKED"!!! my inventory thing is full too.... that means no more items.... right?! I'm so confuzled.............

great game though, I MADE SOME BACON!!! HA HA HA bacon owns


310 points for this?
Was easy.
Very glitchy and... um?
I guess you could say it's a new themed - very old school game.

easy sumo boss, easy final boss(took me a while to beat him lol) and SPOILER ALERT!!!: Hidden Acheivments are FUCK COWS: req: run into a cow and tip it. I'M 10 YEARS OLD AGAIN: req: but the capse for 20 filthy lemons( you can get them for killing the giant mad angry dog thing and get six of them after and you can still fight it again!).

i like it a lot, it's simple, yet challenging
one problem i ran into was the boss
he's ridiculously difficult, which is sick, but one attack really annoyed me
that rainbow light thing? you can get hit by it from a distance instead of being on it

lots of fun and laughter! liked the "old school" pixel animation and the background music was nice; what is name of the song during the end too?
overall it was excellent :) 10/10 5/5

great game but the end boss was too hard

i dont like the death scene its too long

YESSSSS!!! Getting the sword is the best part. and the fedora and cape. manufiq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game

Very well done! :)

great game i liked it :D, and i didnt expected that weird giant sumo XD lol

It was a pretty easy game, but i LOVED the old style graphics (cubism) it's really cool, reminds me of those old games you used to play on the old handheld nintendo. Really fun though !^.^

Nostalgic. I love the music. And the best How To Play I've ever saw.

8D an awesome game.I haven't played number 1 yet,but I will soon.like,after I play this one 8D

This would'v rocked the markets in the early 80's. Funny funny although I couldn't find the secret medal and the final boss killed me 8 times in a row. And what's your problem with cows? :)

this is a good game but i think the cat is bugged i try to attack but only got one heart off then can't do any thing else to it

pretty easy game.... had a little trouble with the final boss but only when he transports multiple places and has spiral of death in center. other than that pretty easy.
Needs more medals too but FUCK COWS made me smile

really fun,the secret ending was funny
hope there is a third

Great work, but what's the hat for? Oh, yeah te secret medals are:
Fuck Cows (tip over or run over a cow)
I"m ten yrs old again (buy the cape)
great LOZ-estique gamplay

It was a godd game, the music was amazing, it took some work to figure everything out. I couldn't get past those five dudes who say that you can't get past them.

That was awsome mate ... loved every aspect of the game ..

P.s. Havent heard good 8bit track like that in a while... the village and area loop is very neat.

man this song off the chain

WHere'd you get the music from?

A whole pile of awesome

Quick fun at its best. Get the cape to get the secret.

Loved every second of it. This really proves the theory of gameplay over graphics. :P One question, what song is it that plays when you fight the danger cat?

What can you say about a game where the easiest medal to get was the secret one? (just run over to the cow, BTW) This has got to be one of the strangest games I've played, and I've played a lot. The graphics are simplistic, yet the game itself has so much sophistication, with that opening narration. I really liked the part where she said weird things would happen to him as usual. It's not what I'd want in a normal game, but I'd recommend it just for its surrealism. I'm glad so many people worked on this.

hahaha this is excelent man!!!
its so much better that the first one..
i loved it,, magic pinkman is a BAdaSS

You know you want these medals.

P.S. Make sure you cook the bacon.

And about a game, it wasn't hard.

50tiger, i know about your medal score... That's simply awesome.

happily ever after: watch the credits and after that youll see what happens 3 days later.

sumo boss: you need a skull to get to fight him. if you kill him, youll get a sword.

didn't get fucked up: just beat the game.

secret medals:

fuck cows: easy, just walk over a cow.

i'm 10 years old again: buy the cape for 20 lemons.

Says it all. Nice work.

Music perfects it.

I fuc*ed a cow.

Just having played a bad game i needed this. Very nice pixelated graphics and it is done in a very well manner. I like the puzzle element as it wasn't too hard and not too easy... The cow tipping medal was very funny... the comedy in this game was over the top and hilarious, the re-playability level is low since threes nothing else to explore other then the 2 secret medals [btw check my profile page for the secret medal ;)] the music was just right even though it repeated a bit more then i liked it was well done, very pixel sounding. as it goes with the overall tone of the game. The boss fights were well done as you have to figure out there weakness and each boss had a certain puzzle to them except the blk knights which was done right funny.

Music 10/10 - Perfectly pixelated like it should be

Gameplay - 9/10 Some boss fights/puzzles took me a while to figure out but it was fun all the same

Story - 8/10 Nice storyline very intriguing and poking fun at the problems of retired hero and some games don't need a story but it adds a hell of alot more...

Re-playability - 7/10 Nothing much to do except to speed run =/ and finding the medals were fun *Cough* lemon farming ;)

Overall - 9.5 Good game, larger game like Zelda oh well... can't wait for next game, GG MATE


The first secret medal is epic xDDD

I like the simplicity of the game and the humor, but the last boss, as others have mentioned, is ridiculous. Like 5 times I got to the part where the laser spins around and even though I kept well away from it I'd just suddenly die. I've given up trying to beat it.

But the rest of the game is great. =)

There are times I just don't want to try very hard to solve complex puzzles, or go hundreds of in-game miles from point A to point B, then to point C, then to point A, and then do it all over again.... Sometimes I just want to be lazy, and this game makes that come true. It was simple, fun, and funny. Everything I like. So thank you for making such a truly epic game.

Absolutely brilliant, i like it.
I love the 8-bit graphics and the simple but fun game play. The enemies are just superb (the spitting cat OMG!) and the medals are fun to get.
My only complain is the length, you can beat it in about 10 minutes..... btw very well done!

I like the style and I think it's better than it's just short, since otherwise maybe some of the humor would wear off - but as it is now it's perfect. I liked the intro, and I'm off to play MPM 1 right now!

one other thing is the medals don't seem to work at all.

I loved the first MPM, and when I reviewed it, I wrote

"Please I beg of you, make a longer sequel! Maybe expand on the story a bit and add more enemies, but I think the rest of the game should be like the original."

And you did all of that! I loved having more characters to interact with than just bears, cows, gray people, and the green merchant, who I could finally buy things from! By the way, this was probably unintentional, but the evil wizard seems alot like the Ice Wizard from the game in the movie Big. Probably me just being a nerd.

I liked how you improved the quest, adding more items to get and use, but I think you could still take this to a higher level, with a bunch of missions and stuff. Sure, that would be alot of work, and that would take away the retro-ness of it all, but It would be pretty awesome.

Now for a couple of nerd questions about the MPM world.

How did the magic pink man meet the mystic pink girl? Being that the game was a direct continuation of the first one (which I thought was a pretty nifty idea), she would probably have to be exiled from the village before MPM was. That might be a kinda cool prequel idea, either her story or him living in the village. Or maybe he just saw her for the first time, and decided to help her out, one pink abomination helping another.

Whats the story behind the Money-loving Green Merchants (stupid name, yeah, yeah)? Was this the same merchant from the first game? If so, how the hell did he get to the village area before MPM? If he was the same person, I'm assuming he must be an abomination too. If hes a different merchant, why are all merchants green? Are they predetermined at birth for if they're going to be a merchant or not? Or do they become green after becoming merchants?

And whats the Magic (Blue) Magician's deal? I don't want to over analyze such a simple game, so I won't ask about all the giant bosses (loved the sumo's base, by the way), but I have to wonder about the magician.

Overall, wonderful sequel. I'd hate to see this to be the last entry in the MPM universe though. Great music, great opening cutscene, great ideas, and a great game. I still love tipping those cows.


Is not bad.. Quite interesting, but the medals are not working and also the last boss just takes away your hp once in a while (like half) by not even attacking you.. You run away from the spiders and avoid all of the attacks, still kills me with nothing.. :P

its awsome but ,austin , you need to fix the medals

fun game, but best feature is the soundtrack
absolutely brilliant
make it available for download somewhere?

I remember the first game and this onw is actually almost the same... But this one is better because its funnier, has a good storyline and is really fun to play... good job :)

Liked the first one too. Is there any way I might be able to find the music used in this?


The first was awesome but this one is even better!

some of my favorite games on ngs. killed that shit.

make longer ones.

loved the fire spittin kitten

i like it but i cant kill the 1 guy well i was cybering at the same time X3

i love it. love the 8-bit fancy mike. love the game play. never before has collecting felt so good. billowing cape and hat are wonderful. thank you, thank you so very very much
also lol nine inch nails joke

This game rocks

ultra cool no criticism i can offer

I beat it!! Awesome Game!!! Some glitches, art was nothing special. But I loved this game.


I love this. Awesome. Glad to see it's finally released.


This is a hoot-and-a-half! Beautifully simple. I just wish there was a way to save a game...


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4.22 / 5.00