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Space Attack is mix of a strategy game and a puzzle game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base by building space ships. You have to play the puzzle to earn money.


z: attack buildings
x: attack ships
p: pause game
Mouse: everything else


Nothing outstanding

- - - Overview - - -
Main-idea & transfer: 5 / 10
Creativity: 7 / 10
Strategy: 7 / 10

Music & Sounds: 5 / 5
Graphics: 4 / 5

Altogether: 28 / 40; 7 / 10

- - - Main-idea & transfer: 5 / 10 - - -
The idea is quiet okay, but the transfer is bad. Those players, who don't know how and when to switch between z [attack buildings only, standard] and the x [attack ships only], have no time to look at the battle because they never kill enemy ships and get money only with matching jewels. And those players, who know these two functions, get so much money, that they don't have enough time to pay it all out.

- - - Creativity: 7 / 10 - - -
There were some amusing ideas like the unlockable ships and the achievements. But the title of the game is horrible! There must be hundred games called space attack! Use Google if you doubt.

- - - Strategy: 7 / 10 - - -
The tactical thoughts are here, like 'when do I have to switch to attack buildings only, and when to attack ships only?' or 'how many LF-ships, how any HF-ships and how many DCF-ships do I need for my next army?' But the balance is shit... For beginning: Attack ships only => you get so much money, then your army is much bigger than the army of the enemy, its ships die before they get a chance to attack. Then attack buildings only: Enemy dies after 5 sec... The ships: I recruited only LF1 [100], because i think the other ships aren't worth their price.

- - - Music & sounds: 5 / 5 - - -
The game has more than one song, and all songs are proper for the game. The sounds are good too. So 5 of 5.

- - - Graphics: 4 / 5 - - -
The main menu is quiet okay, the battle field background and the jewels are okay drawn too. But the ships are so similar to each other... I had problems to differentiate them.

- - - Altogether: 28 / 40; 7 / 10 - - -
I rated 3 / 5... with a bit improvement the game is worth 4 / 5 or even 5 / 5!

Im a bit disappointed, because the Author Louissi is able to make much better games... But the result is understandable, he had to finish it quickly and it was a totally new genre for him...

The game is nothing outstanding, its average.

Click click click

This game is repetitive. Match jewels for a while, build your highest-tier attack ship for a while, match jewels for a while.


Combining to games to make one great game is always a great idea, but somehow you've choosen bejewled to be the second game, and the stratergy part of builds lack any real... well need for a stratergy.

I gave you a 5 for the game idea, but I just really disliked this game.

Poorly thought out game mechanics+timelimit=Fail.

Ok, you got a bejewel ripoff paired with a strategy game which means you can't focus on one over the other cause you'll either go broke or worse, mis-click and lose 2000, or your base will disappear cause you were too busy making money. This is annoying, but it is manageable as it isn't very difficult to quickly switch from one to the other, until you come to the whole running out of time, which is what makes me wish I never found this game.

I've only EVER lost from running out of time, which sucks when you clearly have the advantage and cannot lose cause the enemy's base is either almost dead or has been destroyed but there are still fighters to mop up. This turns what could be an awesome and fun game into a frantic bejewel session followed by spamming the cheap 100 dollar fighter and praying that's good enough cause when you attempt to get all fancy with mixed 100 and 400 dollar fighters you wind up losing cause you ran out of time.

Bottom line is having to play Bejewel and dealing with a time limit kills any attempt at actually employing anything that can actually be called strategy.

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3.91 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2010
6:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)