Sonic v Mario (prev fix)

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Umm, like I said before, no flash experience, feel free to berate me all you want. I don't even know how to make a damn load screen right (sorry). Well I made this today, I thought it might be funny, hope it gets through to you guys. See ya ^_^

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god, this was one of the first flashes i watched on newgrounds all the way back in '03, 5 for nostalgia's sake, i feel compelled to find the song that's playing on this now.

Is there a followup to this? It's so weird how this is the first Sonic Vs. Mario cartoon I've ever seen on this website. It was even before Randy Solem's version! Mario doesn't even appear in this. I guess I'll give this credit for being the first of its kind. I don't think Mario is known for eating.

It just doesn't make much sense. I can tell you haven't animated much. I do like the music. I'd like to hear the song. I guess this fight could be interesting. He's a hedgehog, but the song sounds like it's being sung by a chipmunk.

I love Sonic the hedgehog.


God I remember seeing this for the first time so many years ago, jeez. High rating for nostalgia!