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Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Start the game by clicking on a new game. Select the amount of money you want to bet by choosing the right chips, click the deal button and let the game begin. Buttons for game options change according to rules. Rules, graphics and sounds are available in the main menu.

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Simple, actually functional, though not especially exciting or interesting. But still, just by not having bugs, I give it a high rating, because so many of the bj games here are no good, and do things like the dealer standing on 14 or counting aces only as 1 and not as 11 or calling it a player loss if it's a push. Cakkertje I'll tell you the point of having 10k instead of 10. Because you can't bet a tenth of a cent, that's why. You must bet in denominations of 1 dollar. So if you have 10 dollars, you're likely to not be playing very long, but if you have 10k, you can bet 1 dollar, or 100, and you can count, meaning you can bet 100 on the hands where the odds are in your favor and 1 on the hands that aren't, but if you have to bet 10% of your bankroll because that's the minimum bet, that's a problem.

What's this thing about the normal vs. expert skill level though? The dealer doesn't have a choice as to what to do. It's not the dealer's wits against mine, the dealer must follow certain rules and there is no difficulty level. This is another reason why Cakkertje's comment is wrong and stupid, he's got no business saying the CPU sucks and the opponent isn't "hard" enough. It's not a game of chess pal. You're not playing against an "opponent". The dealer hits on 16 or less and stands on 17 or more. That's it. There's no hard or easy to it.

Cool but...

It is pretty cool but there is no point you just win money or lose it. Either i have 10$ or 10 000$: Its still the same. Also: I can play this without the computer too, everyone can and there is no difference, except the opponent is harder (CPU sux).

hell ya sun

i b turnin 21 in a year thank for gettin me ready for VEGAS BABY..ima b rixch

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3.79 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2010
5:41 AM EST