Phillip: The game DEMO

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this version of philip is HEAVILY outdated, Everything has changed in the game.
for more info visit his website or like him on facebook.

Due to my computer being destroyed, [philip] will be released roughly around july.
many things in this demo have been changed.

~Philip has now been given an iPod Nano.~


Hey guys, im working on this big game , i call it Phillip the game.

a little background on the game: Phillip is a character i made up in school who kills himself and comes back as something other than himself.

i made my comics into a game.

i have a story for it but i thought i would just give u guys the beginning levels.

ill tweak the game as best i can.
advice is welcomed (:

also i know there are glitches, i know them all and ill iron them out.
this game took me 1 week :P

anyways- controls
hold A to run
hold S to return to checkpoint
JKL to move
I arrow to jump

to wall jump run into a wall and jump. you must be running.

This game is going to be 2 players to!

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Looks promising

But no matter how hard I try I can't get past the gap after the game tells you how to double jump, which renders this unplayable. As I said this looks like it could be good, but the fact I can't get past the first screen is a major issue.

PlatformSource responds:

hold "a" you can run lol


Don't know if it's a glitch, but I got stuck at level 1-4.

PlatformSource responds:

its not lol, what kinda stuck?

Serious issue with your control scheme.

Several places in this game require running jumps to clear. This becomes a serious issue because my keyboard will not register hitting I while already holding A and L. This is especially a problem where running double jumps are called for and I have to time releasing run around two separate jumps with only a little margin for error. If it's an issue for me I suspect it's probably an issue for others.

its pretty good

I like how this game looks like it was made on a sheet of paper. ^^

not a very good "demo"

I do surely hope that this is the "demo" to something that is far from complete. I mean sure I like to sneak-peak projects before they're done via bootleg videos, ect but this is only the case to a similarity because a "demo" is usually released when the project is "FINISHED" but not "MASTERED" . the music industry I know by experience can identify these terms; finished being the project done enough for you to enjoy the full experience. This being said, I hope you will release a finished adaption.

I like the game play don't get me wrong I just see more potential in this. I thought it was a great challenge. Keep up the good work!

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4.29 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2010
9:26 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle