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GD's Shooting Practice

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Ok this is my second Experemental game so if you want to suggest something so i can make a shooter you like can you post it and please dont say graphics im a bad graphics person and i dont kow anyone in real life thats good at it.
Did more work on it
better enemys
diffrent gun
And anything else you notice
report any bugs please

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You dash off carelessly this game. The idea is good but you should take more time and do a best game than this. The graphism are not very good and all games need music.

And another one.

And another shooter falls on the pile...

This game could really need some stuff (and I will not include better graphics on this list since you've allready stated that graphics are not quite your thing) :

First of all, the figures sometimes leave the boundaries,as it allready was stated below. This really should get fixed.
Second,all shots are headshots. While that is quite funny for about twelve seconds, after which it becomes quite irriating. There should be at last one more animation for this stick figures.
I'd also like to see holes in the ground if the player doesn't hit a target. While that wouldn't affect gameplay (given a user doesn't shoot like hundres of bullets into the floor),it'd be some nice eyecandy.
Finally,you change the weapon. The weapon used in this game looked pretty much like a machine gun and should therefore behave like one (including rapid-fire if the mouse button is held down.)

On the other hand,this game isn't bad if one considers it as your second game at all,so I encourage you to practice,practice and,if you have some free time,practice more.

NewAssasination11 responds:

Thanks ima fix it right now

It's not good

Positive: I like the gun design
The fire sound

Negative: Enemies are badly drawn.
In the end it says that we can review our score, but it doesn't show our score(how many we killed), so that makes us count the sticks we killed.

It get's boring after a while.

You should practise more before you submit anything.

You can post your work in Dumping Grounds.
And then you can give the link of your work in the forums, so you can get feed back and ask questions for more improvement.

NewAssasination11 responds:

thanks for the heplful review ill work on makeing better flashes

Not worth the time.

Alright, it's functional...to a point. You've got many, many errors within the way things lay out. Most of my problems with this game are aesthetic, but I'm not going to bag on your art.
However, you need some form of boundaries for the enemies. They appear everywhere. They go beyond the walls that you've set and will pop up in front of your character's arms and gun.
You've got quite a few typos and need to change your fonts.

The game is not riveting to say the least, but it's functional. Just keep at it.

not rly NG standart

well, make more hitting anymations than just headshots. its kinda baby drawn. the sound of the weapon gets annoying very fast.
and the weapon doesnt really change direction when aiming