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The Blind Heart

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This is a story about Saia , she can't deal with her boyfriends death, nothing wrong with that right?

thanks for the reviews!
this was my very first attempt with flash.

I will answer all questions in part 2 if I make it!


Seriously crazy stuff!

And not in a bad way ;)

I mean the story is really engaging. The art is well done, and the animation, although all tween, is not distracting. The use of colors and music really set the tone. I even think the fact that it didn't have voice acting help the overall creepy feeling by adding to suspense.

Nice Job.

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Not bad

This was a great flash
Animation is good
Plot is good
black and white was a great touch to the silent movie
only thing that got me not liking this was how the head moved, I know it sounds stupid but that's my opinion

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angiDGL responds:

And you have every right to it, I'm still just grasping flash.


Though, it failed only a little bit at a certain point. I think I should report ONLY because you said to intent doing a sequel.

The point is: in a matter of fact, I took long to find out he was dead. The only clues I got are that his face is open while he does nothing about such severe injury. The other clue: he does not do controlled movement, all he does is stay at the position where someone left him.
Though, when it shows his 'vision' I got confused: why someone who is dead is looking at somewhere like her skirt or her face?!?

I suggest you put something that shows purely the fact of death next time. What about a hole showing his hearth wich, by the way, is only kept inside because of his toraxical bones?

I know I was a bit dumb for not finding it out too fast, since, uh, you said he was on your 'Authot comments' section...

Notice that blood shows only injury, and injuried people CAN be alive. A loose hearth would pass the information that the reaper is doing his job right... Without your own comment, I would still be confused, since we have evidence about both life and death in the movie.

Sorry for the long review and the repetitions of information, but I liked the video and I'll vote 5.


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Somewhat disturbing.

WhileI don't really get what that flash has to with how much you love your boyfriend (and if I'd get it,I probably would not want to know it anymore),this flash is a fine example of a surreal horror flash.
The combination of the music loop and the grey color scales really gave that animation a disturbing touch (plus the girl wanted to make fishsticks..who the hell could like this stuff?!) and I definately would like to see some more stuff in this style.

angiDGL responds:

don't get it huh?
I guess I'm just...weird... *shoots self*

Interesting I suppose.

It sorta looked like an independent horror film. The animation and music gives it an eerie feel and the red splotches I believe indicate some sort of a violent episode or aggression. I take it she's trying to get what she wants by pleasing a dead guy.

This also reminds me of Sin City with the colors in a sense.

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2010
2:27 AM EST