T E T R I S ' D 3

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Join our hero exactly where we left him - flying up to the tetromino factory in the sky. How will he fair inside the base of his past trials? Watch and find out.

Parker was kind enough to return and make yet another song for me. Be sure to check it out on the left! It is a remix of theme B, rather than A, this time.

Kobra Editing

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So many good memories from stickpage.com...

I can't believe our hero swore

Cant go wrong with some sticks

Probably one of my most fave tetris/stick crossovers, really amazing, some added color effects would really be nice, these movies bring Stick characters at there best and some very nice visuals on top of that so really nice stick film here, and you Cant go wrong with some sticks and all the adventure they bring onto the big screen so really nice entry here make more sometime.

some added color effects would really be nice


This is pretty awesome and the story so far is nice. Great job!

KobraEditing responds:

Thank you!

I wonder where the stickman's going now that he saved the world....