Ragdoll Man 2G

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EDIT: fixed the sound bug! :) I also know about the pre-loader bug

The sequel to Ragdoll Man!

More objects, more fun.
Just sit down and relax! Take a snax and kill some time!

Mouse - Drag and drop
Space - Go crazy

The song: Thomas Rusiak - Hiphopper

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Very fun to mess with the poor guy.

Haha, so fun. I love ragdolls.

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Rawnern responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty Good

Does need more action, like more levels or something cause gets boring and theres really nothing to do after a while.

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Ragdoll is back!

This was cool to play because it had the same qualities as the original. The thing was that it was not that different than the original and a little less good. Probably the main thing I didn't like was how there was no background. The omission of black lines also made it look a little unprofessional. Still, I did have some fun because it was great to watch the blood fly everywhere! The blood came out in such thin strips it looked like it was red wood or something.

The song is pretty good and I think it's the first time I heard it. The best thing to do is putting the ragdoll in the middle of an object. I don't know how that works, but it makes this awesome effect of him just scattering around with blood and everything. I also liked how the controls were simple and easy to understand. The shapes also looked interesting.

Rawnern responds:

Thanks for the review. Very helpful actually :)

If I ever make a new Ragdoll Man, I'll think about some of the things you said, like the background etc.


Not bad, maybe add some customization

And Schnuffles, How the hell do you that he didn't make it?

Rawnern responds:

Thanks for the tip :)

kept me hooked on trying to kill the ragdoll for hours

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4.38 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2010
2:59 PM EST
Simulation - Pet / Buddy