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an axem ranger story ep.1

rated 2.50 / 5 stars
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Jan 29, 2010 | 12:15 PM EST

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Author Comments

so here is part one again but this time how it was ment to be for those who have seen it before you'll see that i've put in a better story and you won't have to wait for part 2 for to long i am olmoost done with it and i'm working hard one part 3 wich alsow shoudn't take long till it's complete anyway have fun



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It ain't terrible, I've seen worse.

But, as far as content goes, this is completely unoriginal. An entirely interchangable plot, to characters who already have stories attached to them, dragged into a situation that's been told, (and told in this format) time and time again.

It goes double for the Axem Rangers; Alvin-Earthworm took from something that's already been done, and created them for his flashes, and you took from him, so those guys have been triple, or maybe even quadruple filtered through the originality spectrum.

While Brolly is a decent antagonist, look into his lore, and look into the Axem's lore. Brolly destroyed whole planets, with greater ease than even Frieza. The only reason Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan survived was because they were the strongest on earth...and even then, they only just BARELY got away.

With that said, what defeated the Axem Rangers (Mecha Sonic) is established to NOT be that powerful at the time he killed ALL FIVE (not just two) if this is a prequel of events, and the Axem's will clearly survive, it doesn't add up.

But we could get into how "your version of Brolly is different" or "this is my version of the Axem's, it's totally not linked to Alvin-Earthworm's Axems" all day. The point is, these characters have been done. This story has been told. These fights have been fought....and if you've been paying attention, these were all done years ago, and with fewer grammatical errors.

As an animator you're trying to tell a story, with content. This content is stale...and by being a storyteller, you're showing us the extra-ordinary happening within the ordinary.

This flash is the ordinary happening in the extra-ordinary. It just doesn't work. Give us, the audience, something new.

blackreaperr responds:

you are absolutly right about story been told etc but i really don't care if someone makes a movie like this with for example naruto i don't look at the story he already has in the anime i just look at what that person made and that is how i work i just make what i come up with no strings attaced and maybe you'll like the second part better since there will be a more deeper story who knows i just do this for fun and i still liked it plus when you said alvin's axems you where wrong they ain't his he just re-maked them there from mario as i said in my fun facts but anyway thanks for you comment


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not the BEST sprite flash I ever seen, but...

ive always been a fan of these sprite animation flashes myself.

only small issue i had was with the grammatical errors in the text.

but otherwise i thoroughly enjoyed it. loved the audio, especially when i heard firestarter pop on when brolly arrived. and i laughed out loud when the red axem ranger was flashing back to the playground scene haha.

good job man, keep it up, and i look forward to seein the next one.

blackreaperr responds:

yea i thought i had the grammer fixed with microsoft works gues not -.- i'll let someone take a loot at it for the second episode :P


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great story

This rocks! Put more kingdom hearts guys in the next one.

blackreaperr responds:

ghehe glad to so someone besides me liked it XD and there will in every episode be something of kingdom hearts you'll see :P