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[KK] tom in llama-land

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we have been hard at work making new animations and games, and today we finnished our first game, you play as tom fulp in order to stop the llamas from taking over the world

up: jump
left: moves left
right: moves right
down: nothing
spacebar: shoot
ctrl: headbut

the shoop da woop is a power up that lets you shoot llamas

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Three stars. And why?
This is a intresting game. Can you do better by fixing the Shoop Da Whoop powerup?

I WON!!!

The game sucked A$$, But I beat it all the same.

Why is every Tom video unfunny?

I wouldn't mind seeing a good parody of Tom Fulp

tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

well here it is, enjoy


Yeah, so..... wha?
Yeah i get it, youre making fun of Tom. but... you could do better im sure lol.
such a random game peiced together so terribly needs a lot of work.

however, i do give you a small amount of credit for actually making the game function. small is the keyword.

refine the graphics and maybe make a storyline.... and explain why tom is a llama to >.< .... then maybe it will score higher

tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

well i am thinking about working on a sequal to the game, where you fight fight diferent boss's, one being borak ollama, and another being chuck norris, i will find more and make a fun game of it

Is it meant to be impossible?

Or is the whole game a joke?

Either way it's completely shit. There is no way to restart if you die, the llamas are unkillable and unpassable and the score is broken. Also, Shoop da Woop? wtf?

tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

shoop the woop is just awesome and everyone knows it.

also, shoop da woop is how you KILL the llamas, or you can headbutt them, i listed controls above, learn to read, have a nice day

Credits & Info

1.67 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2010
5:13 AM EST