My Pet Protector 2

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Take your heroic minor and help him develop into the kingdom's most glorious hero.. Get a job, go to school, rebuild the village and raid dungeons for their untold riches.. Will you ultimately be a hero, or simply a zero?


My Pet Protector 2: The Missing

Cool game, but the absurd amount of missing there is in it just put me off.

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Needs a bit of touching up

Heres the areas i think need improvement

First off, better clarity, i had NO IDEA what going on or what i was spending my money on, time on, or any of that, the mouse over descriptions were vague and uninformative, like for example, Healing - " Being able to heal people and things is a very useful skill to have!" Gee, thats cool and all, but when i look at the learnable abilities, i dont see a single fucking healing spell!

Building materials. At least let us have a chance to earn these some other way. I may be missing something but the only method of gathering these is going through dungeons where the monsters guarding them hit me for half of my health every swing

Hit rating. Do I even need to go into this? I miss almost every time. I understand i can increase my hit % but i got it up like 30% with armor and That shot down my damage and barely affected my chance to hit at all! Stop making me miss!

Theres more i can complain about but most of it is minor, these are the things i feel need to be worked on if this game is going to be worth playing more of.

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Impressive Depth

Great game, enjoyed how many skills there were to build up and how they affect the over all development of the character, just wish there was some info on the tier results at the end


I loved it, thought you might want someother music and backgrounds for different areas. Maybe he could interact with special people in the game sometimes? Like, girls he could end up with or people that can alter his path in some way other than the magician lady.


what a let down. Thought it was cool at the beginning....then the fight sequence began. Bleach. No thanx. Heres five cause the beginning looked cool.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2010
3:44 PM EST
Adventure - RPG