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THANK YOU NG for the frontpage!!!!

And thanks to all users who have taken the time to play and enjoy Gluey. The positive feedback has been very encouraging, and we will definitely work on a sequel with the most popular feature requests.
Help the Gooey Gluey blobs!

The blobs are trapped, and only you can free them. Click groups of them to make them disappear, and use special items to improve your score!


great game

i just love this kind of games, great job

love it

awesome game so much fun hahahah =D

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super addictive just the way i like it

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Indeed, the play is cool, but it irritates there always this yellow writing in when away is then one cannot see at all properly what runs off there in this it puts...

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Awesome....just don`t submit score. we chat

You need to sign up for facebook to submit your score. Facebook steals cookies (info and files on your computer). I`m just warning you. But either way, this game rocks! And, I really think it was fun. But it was a bit short. Could you, fizzgear, please make a new game like this? Well, I`ll just show my friend and me twittering about it:
Me: hey kit
ROCKit: hey
Me: wat do u think of the games on newgrounds?
ROCKit: overall?
Me: yeah
ROCKit: well, it is annoying cuz u can only post 1 comment
Me: i no but wat about games
ROCKit: uh
ROCKit: well, leys see...
ROCKit: lets*
Me: oh well wats ur fave and least fave
ROCKit: least fave: topless tetris fave: gluey
Me: oh
Me: i cant decide mine
ROCKit: i guess me is better than u.
Me: not rlly
ROCKit: at skool, people call us the "emily kitts"
Me: did they stop the "oven mitts" thing?
ROCKit: yeh
Me: good
ROCKit: hello
Me: hi
V8: hey guys its valerie
ROCKit: wat do u think of newgrounds?
V8: uh
V8: y
Me: what do u think of games on it
V8: i hate how u can only post 1 comment.
ROCKit: me 2. lets complain
Me: no
V8: later we can
Me: i like gluey i was playing it just now
ROCKit: yeh gluey is my fave game on newgrounds
V8: i no i luv it but cant it have more lvls
Me: i no lets ask fizzgear
V8: ?
ROCKit: ?
Me: the author of the game
V8: oh
ROCKit: emma r u gonna post this on another website
Me: duh yeh
V8: then i guess i wont tell u sumtin
Me: wats bothering u anyway if i post this?
ROCKit: it dont bother me
V8: nor does it me i was joking
ROCKit: hey, isnt 2day ur grampas bday?
Me: yeh oh rite g2g
ROCKit: ok bye
V8: ttyl

that proves Valerie, Katrina, and I all like gluey. well, i was in an empty chatroom online, so lets see wat happened about gluey:
chatters: realcharacter, maven, ema, horrorsRme, takeback
realcharacter: hey guys look at dis
maven: i just entered hi
horrorsRme: u will leave this room maven or die
maven: ur just weird
ema: woot
takeback: hey guys
ema: wat do u guys think is the best game on newgrounds
horrorsRme: prepare 2 die
takeback: topless tetris
maven: takeback is gross
ema: i think gluey is fun but i dont have a fave game
takeback: oh yeah gluey is my fave
maven: i think gluey
horrorsRme: scream for help it is ur last day
ema: horrorsrme, SHUT UP
horrorsRme: i will not do as u say! DIE! *shoots ema*
ema: *whistles* how come i`m still alive marcie
maven: "marcie"?
takeback: oh ho
horrorsRme: its maryann
ema: i no u r my enemy at skool
takeback: wat a mess
ema: well, i think lets stay on gluey
takeback: its fun
ema: g2g bye

well its pretty awesome a game. i hope my comment was enjoyable.

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4.27 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2010
11:02 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling