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Sonic:LimitBreak Episode1

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***Another note don't go away from the flash until youve seen the ending and the credits. The flash does not end when you think it does. After countless edits and hard work sweat and tears,Ive submitted my first sonic sprite flash! This took a pretty long while and i worked pretty damn hard...Enjoy the first episode of my series, Sonic Limit Break! :3
* Also i didnt remeber in my credits so the tails battle sprite was ripped by riokenn!
Dont be expecting a second episode for a while :P its gunna take much longer and way more effort not to mention i should be studying but uh yeah...That time shall come.
ANOTHER EDIT*Text box has been fixed as well as the ending music. i used nch to make it fade out instead of just stopping :D Btw this is probably like my 20th modifcatoin.....If you dont like it too bad.. im not touching tht file ever again X] ENJOY!

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psssstt... it's daniel :D

lol "CHEESE IT!!"

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

lmaoo.. your sooo...

Very Well Done

very good plot going so far, i will be tuning in for mre, to me the only alignment work needed was the chao's aura when he was talking to Amy and the 'don't close the flash yet!' words before the credits, all in all, very good

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Thank you X] Ill try to improve if i ever make the next episode ^_^


Bad alignment on the symbols and the text was horrible.

But the fight scenes were actually pretty good considering how bad the alignments and text were :P

So yeah, overall still a nice flash xD

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Yeah :P I just fixed it, ill be re-uploading an updated one soon. thanks for the review :3

Pretty cool...

Nice sprite ripping...animation's not too bad.
I'm kinda wondering how Shadow is Super Shadow right at the start and pretty much throughout...is that something that's gonna be explained in a future episode?
I like the concept that Amy might well be the hero for once...could be interesting...
...I'll be keeping a close watch for future episodes of this. Keep up the good work.

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Yeah Ill get more in depth with the story more so in the second epiose :P everything should be pretty much cleared up by then. Thanks for the review

mot bad!

with a little more work this could be really good. keep it up i'll expect more from you!

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Thank you ^o^