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Mentos Mishap - Glummies

rated 3.74 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jan 27, 2010 | 2:06 PM EST

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Author Comments

Do you get bummed? Depressed? Do you feel like people ignore you? Do you wish they would? Are you sick and tired of people talking behind your back? Whining and complaining? Peeing in your Cheerios? Are you flat out glum? The Glummies understand!

Twitch plays a prank on GlumGlum knowing the truth about what happens when you mix Mentos and Diet soda together. Please fan "The Glummies" on facebook and share this video with your friends.

Fan us at ottapea?ref=name#/pages/T he-Glummies/223894004411?



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Incredibly funny...although it was the animation was superb, the sound effects of a good quality and the story concept was hilarious and entertaining...although it was a bit know cute animal/twisted outcome but nonetheless it was still very good. I couldn't really think of much negative remarks about this flash...I was really ROFL ^_^

My only real complaint is that there wasn't any stop/replay button...try and add one on your next submission or something.

Otherwise you're work has won me over...great stuff...keep it up...lols.

Glummies responds:

Thank you very much....all the Glummies Videos are under :50 and to the point. Thank you for the positive scores and honest opinion. Many more to come and I think once people see the concept develop they will understand the type of humor. This was not based off of HTF or RAB. This is a story about a stuffed bear dealing with unfortunate incident and accidents. Bringing traditional style retro with a new face and perspective! Its not violent in anyway and you will notice with my posts to come, they are mostly all relative to everyday life. Sorry.....had to put that out

BTW I will be adding a pre-loader and a stop/replay. Since this is the Glummies first submission I am learning alot and its nice to see a score boost, since I took an early beating by some that misunderstood the concept. I have had an outporing of people willing to help me make my posts more effective and efficient which I think is very cool! Anyway,,,,thank you VERY VERY much for everyone that enjoys them.....for those that don't.........thats have an opinion! Good Day!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Soo funny :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good animation, good sounds, and it got a genuine chuckle out of me. Plus, it sort of reminds me of Itchy and Scratchy. 10/10 and a big fat 5!

Glummies responds:

Glad you enjoy them.....You should fan us on facebook (the Glummies)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Animation talent

Your talent as an animator is obvious. The art was good.

The story itself was pretty predictable. Just the name Mentos Mishap let me know pretty much what to expect. And it wasn't funny. It just wasn't funny.

Also consider a different theme. This has been kinda done to death. Retarded Animal Babies, Happy Tree Friends, etc. I've seen the Cute fluffy animal / horrifically awful situation juxtaposition done. And this doesn't really do it in a new way.

Don't stop though. You don't need me to tell you. You've got talent.

P.S. It needs a replay button. I don't want to listen to it loop over and over again while I review. It works with Weeble's stuff because it's seemless. This has a beginning and an end. When it's done let it be done.

Glummies responds:

Thank you for your honesty....this is the first submission. I believe HappyTree friends vs Glummies are very different as it is a softer core representation and mild humor. The mentos thing has been overplayed....but comeon....a bears head ripping off because of it....Funny! Thanks for your honesty! We will work on the loop thing....haha


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Excellent. I can't wait to see more glummies. The animation, sounds, and design were excellent. I do however still have a suggestion for your flash. Instead of looping it add a replay button at the end (and a play button at the beginning would be nice as well).

I think you may have a challenging task with keeping the glummies fresh though, so that it doesn't become just a clone of happy tree friends (or RAB for that matter).

5/5 9/10

Glummies responds:

Thanks for your input...I have a different approach to the Glummies than HTF and RAB. Little softer humor/less violent, something people can relate to with most of the other ones i'll be posting! Working on the loop thing for sure...haha!