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BounceOnMyLazor 25 Points

String a 50 hit juggle on an enemy.

JustBEATit 25 Points

Beat the game.

3K9 50 Points

Uses K-9 mode 3 times in main game.

CitySweeper 50 Points

Get 1500 in main game.

DaLONGESTmile 100 Points

15000 points on survival.

Author Comments

Help Mbot handle his business .

P= pauses.
M= Mutes music
R= restarts level
Q= Toggles Quality

The OmegaBlast on the final boss does more damage now.

Fill up your combo meter on the lower right to add more firepower.
Keep the enemies from hitting the ground to keep the combo going.

When you have upgraded 4 Times your combo meter will start to spark up... look for the "Press Z" Icon to upgrade into K9 mode
and become invincible for a short time.

Its a small game but uses almost 100% rastered art, hence the filesize.
wont happen again I promise!
Leaderboards will be coming very soon.

BigThanks to BeAtBrEaKeR187 for all the crazy music, and EliteFerrex for the 8Bit Loop

I also recommend using joy2key and a controller if you use the keyboard option



thats visualy stunning great theme great affects its nice great

not too bad

nice graphics but hard to get in to K9 mode

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Want to enjoy this so much.

I think this is a great game with a lot of hard work put into it by a skilled programmer and artist. Which is why it pains me so much to admit that... for all that, it isn't very good.

I mean yes, the art was wonderful. I loved the way things looked, especially all the different movement animations on M-Bot itself. The entire time I fought Col-Lab I was a little bit in awe of how wonderfully smooth and primal it looked. And the music was well-suited to the game, not annoyingly repetitive, and fairly fun to listen to.

But the gameplay itself was... lacking. I think my main gripe was the way the game itself is presented; I'm all for side-scrollers, but if you're going to attempt to make movement 3-D by using a diagonally-angled camera, the frame NEEDS TO BE TALLER. As it was, it felt that the play area (the road) was incredibly constricting from top to bottom. And when the view is squashed that much, it becomes extremely difficult to tell exactly what part of the road your character is lined up with. The size difference on the coins was the most obvious way to tell depth, but then I realized that some coins are smaller but at the forefront. It was most obvious in the mine segment in the first level; by the time I had figured where my character was in relation to the rows of mines, I had already run over two or three. And when fighting Col-Lab, it wasn't always obvious whether he was throwing objects up high so that I needed to jump, or throwing them from the back so I needed to move upwards to hit them. I will say that the red targets on the ground did help with this some, but it felt like too little too late. (Note: while writing this review I went back and tried keyboard control, and it did help a bit with the depth control issues)

Aside from the gameplay I had a few issues with the HUD. I can see the "score" at the top, which seems to be connected to the shields I pick up. But I didn't realize that was also my health bar until the bus ran me over. Then there's the yellow bar in the bottom left. It seems to have something to do with combos I string together, but I can't really tell what. Sometimes I'll nail a huge combo and the bar won't move at all, other times I'll realize it's half full, only to watch it drop back to nothing for no reason that I can see. I never filled it up, and wasn't sure how. I did occasionally get weapons upgrades from the larger badges, but since they always vanished the instant I took damage those didn't last long and I didn't get about double until the boss fight.

All in all a creative game with highly polished work from all the contributors. Just... the gameplay is not the sum of its parts, and that's unfortunate.

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Not too bad

It's visually amazing,It does however get a little bit repetetive.
Ignore all the people that can't be bothered to put a little time into playin the game to get the upgrades and appriciate it, I'd like to see them try and make a better game
Nice work

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great game, just one question though.

the art and everything for this game is fantastic, and from the way he moves in the game, it reminds me of the mega man X games I use to play.

one question though. are the uildings in the background made with a 3D program? or was it all done in the normal 2D flash??

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4.17 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2010
12:46 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight