Capitalism 2050

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Here it is, my first flashmovie ever!

I worked on it for over 12 hours and I think, now it's time to finally post it. :)

I made this critique because I think, capitalism ruins the creativitiy. Creative minds are bought to produce poor things to help some egoists get super-rich. Artists should make their own things, from the depths of their heart and not what's wanted by dumbasses who just think of money. Indie rulez!

Be generous, it's my first flash...


P.S. Inspired by MATRIX. Analyze Matrix using your brain and you'll find the same (or similar) conclusions.



The whole idea behind it is great and well thought up. The animations run really smooth but like some reviews have said the text goes by to quick to read at times. Still good tho so I give an 8.

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Good first movie!

It was an interesting flash, I can't really start to get into any sort of in-depth review of the many flaws on ideology I have with this because my opinion really has nothing to do with your work itself and I'm trying not to let it color my judgment "too much" on it. I will say that it's interesting and it's a very good piece of work for being your first. My only real advice being that this is in some ways thought provoking, the comments section of your Flash is going to turn into a flame fest between people so be ready for that haha.

PsychoCrow responds:

thanks, I'm aware of the critical content, I just had this picture of a factory in my mind, which I combined with this critique...

Not Bad

Heya mate. Not bad. Also a good message.

To improve your flash i would recommend putting buttons in so that they click to advance rather than a period of time before you move on. Also to improve the drawing.... Practice makes perfect :)

So Spaketh the Slaughterer

Everything is working properly as far as coding and the like. Animations are smooth but the text goes by much too quickly for some people to be able to read it.

As for your message, I think I get it. Capitalism is about money and in all honest, I'm not a fan of it. Look at the US [which is where I'm from]. If you're poor people could care less about you. It's true that there are things in place to help the poor but most poor Americans can't afford health care and thus have to wait rather than getting treated if someone with health care came in after them. You have to choose what fingers get put back on if you cut them off on the job based on what you can afford [watch the "Sick-o" documentary].

Also, Socialism gets a bad rap. The universal health care that pretty much all other nations but the US have is socialized medicine. The poor get cared for and helped and they don't have to choose. Sure, taxes are higher but people also get paid more. Doctors get paid based on how well they treat patients which means they actually have to take care of them rather than write off a bunch of prescriptions like many doctors do here in the US. Nothing is perfect and there is no governmental system that works better than another because of this. Capitalism is a good idea but it's been executed in a way that means the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer. Capitalism is about money rather than about people. That's why it's called capitalism. Socialism is supposed to be people first.

Anyway, interesting flash. Sorry about the rant. Might want to rethink the delivery of your message.

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Well, idealism aginst capitalism, huh?

I only gave 5 since it is under judgement and I think I will win a protection point.

Maybe I am even wrong, since you expressed morals in it. If someone disagrees, it will vote 0, so, uh, maybe I will had wasted a chance to win a blam point.

There is senseless in he waste... Where is does come from? It's an almost separated box letting stuff fall.

Anyway, it's too short. It's you begging for stuff. No explanations, no exemplos, it's only a factory of nothing. Even if I dislike socialism, I think I would voted 8 if it at least had a reason for all the stuff shown.

I do prefer a fair capitalism view, then an unffair mode or a dictatoria... Socialist vision.

But you did not even showed what is your vision... Fair capitalism version or socialism.

But well, deserves a 5. Has a content, it's not spam, relatively good graphics and a non-mainstream way of thinking, if it's not considered a mainstream commoem-sense complaining already.

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Jan 27, 2010
10:36 AM EST