Capitalism 2050

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Here it is, my first flashmovie ever!

I worked on it for over 12 hours and I think, now it's time to finally post it. :)

I made this critique because I think, capitalism ruins the creativitiy. Creative minds are bought to produce poor things to help some egoists get super-rich. Artists should make their own things, from the depths of their heart and not what's wanted by dumbasses who just think of money. Indie rulez!

Be generous, it's my first flash...


P.S. Inspired by MATRIX. Analyze Matrix using your brain and you'll find the same (or similar) conclusions.



How does this have anything to do with capitalism, besides your own narrow minded viewpoint that has little to nothing to do with the actual working system? Show me a system that works better in practice.

So an immigrant who scrapes together some money and forms a company that eventually becomes a multi-million dollar corporation is some how an egoist? All rich people are egoists?

People like to vilify the rich at the same time that they envy what the rich have. You need to learn some politics so you can at least attempt to make a argument based on some fact.

The animations did little to get your point across.

PsychoCrow responds:

I'm sorry... Sure, there is no better system actually than capitalism.
I always have problems to express myself well, everything in my movie is exaggerated...
It's just that I do not like the way that everything goes into moneymaking.
And to make money, you have to produce modest crap.
Even Art and Information, which should have a high intellectual level are degraded to poor shit, just to sell as much as possible... So, don't take everything too serious ;)

Good first movie!

It was an interesting flash, I can't really start to get into any sort of in-depth review of the many flaws on ideology I have with this because my opinion really has nothing to do with your work itself and I'm trying not to let it color my judgment "too much" on it. I will say that it's interesting and it's a very good piece of work for being your first. My only real advice being that this is in some ways thought provoking, the comments section of your Flash is going to turn into a flame fest between people so be ready for that haha.

PsychoCrow responds:

thanks, I'm aware of the critical content, I just had this picture of a factory in my mind, which I combined with this critique...

didnt work

not working

PsychoCrow responds:

Should work now, updated it.

Not Bad

Heya mate. Not bad. Also a good message.

To improve your flash i would recommend putting buttons in so that they click to advance rather than a period of time before you move on. Also to improve the drawing.... Practice makes perfect :)

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Jan 27, 2010
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