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The Running Clone

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Play as a clone who struggles to live for other people's amusement, like a gladiator.. press the correct keys according to win.


Great game

I really loved it, the sound was great, the art style was great, I loved those little commercial breaks (though annoying at some points, particularly later in the game), and the gameplay was addictive. Although I initially thought, "This game would be great if only it gradually sped up," I soon realized that that's exactly what was happening, and it was just done very well. I'm going to guess and say that everyone saying it was too easy wasn't playing it for very long, and attributed all of their deaths to bad luck or carelessness or something, as that's exactly what I did until I decided to go for one last run. I broke 40000 and it got really fast, to the point where I was hurt 3 times where the commands reached the left side of the screen and blew up.
You ought to include the fact that it speeds up somewhere, just so people know. And maybe a more complex scoring system would suit it better, but I'm not sure.
Regardless, great game, it's a shame it wasn't sponsored by NG, instead of mofunzone.

i like it

i love the reaction commands like this, also in God of War or whatever, the art is awesome and the music gives me a ruch just listening!

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Very nice!

I love the background story of the game a lot, this whole futuristic dystopia, love it! It only needs some medals i think, but nice work anyways!

btw, i agree with FrogOfDrakoja, this host is a clone of the Batman:TAS - Joker oô


some more cutscences or story would be good

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Very cool Game!

I give it a ten, because you deserve it for this interesting and cool game! Nice work!

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4.02 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2010
4:06 PM EST
Action - Other