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Preybirds:Silent War

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Jan 25, 2010 | 6:40 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is my first flash animation EVER! Yay!

In the near future, war breaks out in Europe, and the US is sent in to assist. A squadron of 4 F-15SE-2's (semi-fictional) are attacked on a patrol over france.

I made this as a final project for my Jan-term flash animation class (needless to say I got an A ^_^)
I was greatly disturbed by the lack of decent air-combat flash movies so I decided to make one myself. Unfortunately, I only had a week and a half, but still put in about 60-70 hours of work. Audio is kinda meh, i know, and the photorealistic graphics kinda made it pixelly. Explosions where less than I had hoped, if I had flash at home i would def put more time into it but w/e. I still think it's kick ass.
Thank you to everyone whose pics i ripped off google.
Sound affects came mostly from the game Over- G Fighters and the music is all original. (i DO have garageband)
I hope to get CS5 and may continue the series in a better quality. Also, sorry for the lack of a preloader.

anyway, enjoy

note: i realized later that Ninja 2 should have said "Fox 2" since she launched an AIM-9X vectoring heat seeker.

Another note: I had to compile it in AE and save it in quicktime, which doesn't convert to swf well apparently.

For those who can't understand what's being said, here's the script. I would go back and add subs if I could.
[NINJA1]: Ninja 1, checking in

[NINJA2]: Ninja 2, switching to LPIR
wiki/Low_Probability_of_I ntercept_Radar)

[NINJA3]: Ninja 3 Switching LPIR

[NINJA4]: Ninja 4 Switching to LPIR

[NINJA3]: What's our status on uh... friendlies in the AO (Area of Operations) I see 3 or 4 incoming at out 7 o'clock
Radar spike! I've been painted! Shit missile launch!
(bitching betty: "Chaff, flare")

[NINJA1]: Ninja 2, Ninja 4, break off!
He's Moving below me!
(bitching betty: "Warning, Warning, over-G.")
Ninja 2, you have one moving below at your 4 o'clock! Ninja 4, break off and cover!

[NINJA2]: I'm on him.
I've got tone
Ninja 2. Fox 1! (term for firing. Say your callsign, Fox-<number for missile type fired>

[NINJA1]: Ninja 2, good kill!

[NINJA2]: I didn't hit him!

[RUSSIANS IN SU 47's]: We were in the neighborhood and thought you could use some help.



Rated 1 / 5 stars


lol this sucks! XD

shades90 responds:

ikr lol


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, could improve though.

It was good. The voices left A LOT to be desired, I couldn't understand 90% of what they were saying. Subtitles would be nice. Still it had some good action, and not too bad motion. You're right, ti will look a lot better on a better program at home it would be great. You can get a preloader of the web... copy and paste script =/

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shades90 responds:

I agree totally. I had to do the voices on a notebook mic at 1 am the day it was due because for some reason, Soundtrack didn't save the audio file on my USB drive after recording in the studio. :( Computers suck.
Hopefully i will get CS5 and can make something without those flaws. I'll try to add the script to the comments section.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was great

That was fantastic for your first flash very well done.

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