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Battle of the Best

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Author Comments

I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did making it. Alot of effort went into making this movie. Enjoy.

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Not original, but solid flash

A nice fight between two of the most well known Street Fighter Characters. The sprites looked good and the fight was interesting to watch. The pace was sometimes a bit too quick, but this is still better than the fight being too slow paced.

The text boxes where the main issue with this flash, I think. Sometimes the text doesn't even fit in and the last few letters are cut off. This gives a very bad impression on the whole flash as it always seems as if the author was just too lazy.

The ending was kinda random, but I had to laugh at it anyway.

Overall, the story isn't very original, but the execution was nicely done.

{ Review Request Club }

Good but lack of original plot

Seems to kind of have a spin off of DragonBall Z with they way they grew stronger when they got angry at each other. However Ken ends up killing Ryu in the end, oh well.

Animation: Sprites.

Audio: Dance of Death by Iron Maiden and Sandstorm by Darude, both are great songs anyway.

Storyline: Don't really know much aside from we just happened to join Ryu and Ken at the start of their fight and watch all the way up to Ryu's death at the end before one of them gets hit by a truck.

Overall: Might want to improve the storyline a bit, will take more time but will net you a better score overall. Also kind of noticed you tended to drag them a bit instead of giving them the correct sprites while hovering, oh well, I don't think they have hovering sprites.

Review Request Club


slick-sheep responds:

Yea, I actually had alot of sprites but sometimes you just dont have what you need, to do what you want, so you gotta work with what you got. I hope to improve on storyline in the future.

Nice try.

First of all, I didn't care much about the fact that it was "another sprite movie", because the fight was pretty good. It was exciting and fast paced, so it was blood pumping.

Although this was a sprite movie, some of the drawings you made were pretty good, like when Ryu was turning into Evil Ryu. However, I must say that the text was poor. The beginning texts were outlined in red and the fill was a weird black and white gradient. It's like you tried to make a unique style of text, but I think it would have been better if you just sticked to the normal text tool. I also think that the "FIGHT" text needs some editing, such as shading and different fonts.

Like I mentioned before, the fight was pretty good. It was a creative one, not just a simple and dull series of punches and kicks. I didn't like the ending, though. Ryu dies with his body splitting into two with poorly drawn blood spilling out of him, and a truck randomly falls on Ken? Personally I think you could have came up with a much better ending, like them stopping fighting somehow and becoming friends again. Or maybe some other threat showing up, then Ryu and Ken teaming up and defeating the threat.

By the way, the movie's supposed to be about a tournament, but it only showed one fight, and no other info about the tournament was revealed. Assuming that you're planning to release sequels, I don't think it's a bad start.

The REPLAY button doesn't work. It just rewinds to the part where the truck falls. I'm sorry but I'll have to take off a point for your lack of awareness and double checking.

The sounds were good and the music fit well. I'd suggest you give audio credits though, since they don't show up on the left.

Points taken off:
- 2 points for the lack of originality.
- 1 point for some of the poor graphics.
- 1 point for the lack of carefulness, since you aren't aware that the REPLAY button won't work.

I'd say a pretty good sprite movie, overall. I hope you release sequels to this, because you have the potential. Good luck on your future projects.

- Review Request Club

slick-sheep responds:

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to review my flash. I actually was going to make a longer ending, with ken and ryu teaming up against another threat. That was the orginal plan. Then I decided later that the two would get too powerful and kill eachother. But in the long run, the flash size was getting big and other issues were happening with the flash. So I know that the ending wasnt anything too special but I hope to improve on that in the sequel. I made the tournament thing with the intent of there being more than one. Hopefully I can improve on some of the things you mentioned.

A few issues, but good overall

I think that the piece could certainly do with some voice acting and the way that you've set out your stall to be the mother of all fights, which was cataclysmic and horrendously destructive, you did make it a little too pacey in places.

I'd suggest you use musical credits for "additional audio" on the bar to the left of the movie. Iron Maiden's Dance of Death and Darude's Sandstorm are pretty good tracks, but they still deserve to be credited, after all. I wasn't exactly sure that Sandstorm fitted the theme of the fights, but it didn't really seem to affect the piece too negatively.

When Ken came down from the sky in a blue / white bolt, you need to angle it, as opposed to dragging it across the screen. I noticed that you took steps to deal with it for Ryu's moves similar to that later in the piece, so you must stay faithful to the style, I feel.

I think that the ending was a little anti-climactic. You used a lot of sprites there from games like Metal Slug and of course Street Fighter, so good use of the additional material The death was reasonable and so was the punchline. Perhaps I'd have thrown in the credits there and had the punchline jump in with the replay button as an end to those.

I look forward to more of this style of piece.

[Review Request Club]

slick-sheep responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review my flash. I need responses like this, done in an appropriate manner to help me in the future to upgrade my style of flash. Im glad you liked parts of it and I hope that in the future I can take some of your advice to help my next flash.


Haha it was pretty entertaining ^^ Should've WRYYY'd at the end ;)

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2010
1:19 PM EST