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Author Comments

Your about to play a breakout game with a twist. You start the game with one life. Each time you complete a stage, you gain a life. When your out of lives, you skip to the next stage.

Move the paddle with your mouse.

Don't forget to Curve the Ball. Just slice the ball as it hits the paddle.

Finish the game once to understand the whole concept of skipping to the next level once your out of lives.

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dope graphics; satisfying gameplay

what more can I say

(some of the music reminds me of Bad Style's track - Time Back)

wwwwoooooowwww.. O.O

relaxing soundtrack.. dark colors.. super beyond cool graphics.. love how the outermost walls vibrate when the ball hits too.. the grey n black shades in combination with the light blue glowy shine scattering ball is amazing..

ooh and i love how the stage when complete just proceeds instantly..

super awesome work.. =) keep em' comin!


so awesome...


The question why is the only one that comes up when I play this game.

So many things didn't make sense.

The curving didn't make any sense because it was totally unnecessary. Fancy as it was and however well designed, it lent nothing to the gameplay. And to bill this game as 'curveout' would make the curving seem important, which it wasn't. All the levels could be completed without curving. In fact the curving served more as an impediment to the game rather than a skill worth exploiting. All it ended up as was an 'accidental' thing that actually made the ball go where I didn't want it to. I never curved on purpose because it was not needed. I found myself purposely trying to curve the ball in ways that weren't necessary just to amuse myself with the curving system. But that got boring after a while.

What you need is to find a way to integrate the curving into the entire gameplay. I don't know, somehow arrange a target in a way only a curveball could get at. Actually use the curving as a skill, instead of a mere decoration.

The other thing that beckons the why is the level skipping. Yes I know it sends you to the next level. Yes i know it then means you don't get achievements or something. I know it helps gamers in a sense that they don't have to start over again. But why? Why not a 'continue' button instead?

There was a glitch with the scoring. I ended up getting alot of NaN scores for some reason.

This is actually just arkanoid with a new face. Which also begs the question why. Why make a remake that doesn't play any different? Made it curve, but the curving wasn't even necessary as part of the gameplay. So players end up playing it like arkanoid. The only gameplay difference was the different blocks, and even that one was nothing new. The only block that was sort of interesting was the purple one. But other than that, it's just arkanoid.

This gets points for pretty good graphics and music. I like the animation of the ball when it hits stuff, but that's about it. There's nothing new here and the selling point, the curve, doesn't sell at all.

My suggestion - take the curving to the limit. Stretch the level design and MAKE players utilize the curving. Then you might have something on your hands.

1/2 for clenliness

its got good graphics, and a nice physics system, but the "twist" is nothing too extreme, and the game is just too difficult to keep my attention for more than 4 mins...

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
10:27 PM EST
Skill - Toss