Being Death ep1 part 1

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Hello there people of NG, i bring you the latest project from Longman productions, as well as the start of a new series, it is part of our new Krap Kartoons brand. This series is about the story of the grim reaper, how one man's life changes as he must tak on his new role.

Everything that was done in this was done by me, Jack Longman, my sister Ashleigh Longman and brother Michael Longman, who voices Death, Chandler and the girl at the looker, everyone else was me. Now because i was unable to do the full episode together, I've had to do it in two parts, but I hope you enjoy it all.


Record Somewhere quieter

it has potential, but the background sound of some chavs car or whatever it was kinda ruined it, try getting a quieter place to record the audio

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Was this piece done in paint? It sure looks like it, blurry every here and there. other then that I recommend a better microphone or subtitles, sort of hard to make out what all of the characters are saying. I liked it anyhow, bring us more, bring us better! =D

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greatwh1teshark responds:

Oh we shall, next time we'll make the recording even better and make the story line more better, this was just a pilot, one that we'll use as an example to work from and make the rest great.

I really liked it

It has a lot of potential, but you'll need to figure out the basics of audio recording and flash first. Even if it's very shoddy looking, you'll have to remember that even Tom Fulp started making things that looked weird and bizarre (his UFO game, anyone?) and not so great. Also, the audio wasn't so hot. Perhaps if you upgraded your microphone (maybe $50 at the most) it'd go smoother. Still, I maintain that it could morph into something great.

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greatwh1teshark responds:

Thank you very much.


i couldnt understand crap until the ending

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Needs animation & better audio

Good idea, but the audio is very bad quality. Any way to improve on that? Sounds like you record it while on a bus or plane or something. Aside from that, I'd suggest more actual animation instead of mostly still shots with narration. Good idea, though.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
10:15 AM EST
Comedy - Parody