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How to make a review

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Jan 24, 2010 | 9:26 AM EST

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Edit: 24 January 2010: 19h 46

-Mouse isn't flashing anymore
-small bug fixed ( play button animation )

A sequel will come where I will use the tips you gave me, I'll leave the flashing mouse out and will replace it by a normal one, and I'll watch my grammar :p

Thanks for all the support people !

Hello Newgrounds

As I promised, here's a flash I made called 'How to make a review'
It's a short animation on how to make a helpfull review for someone, it's not meant as a professional tutorial but just something to think about

At the end there's a link to Newgrounds, because I uploaded the file on some other sites to




Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good, just not THAT good.

It's a great tutorial for those who don't have the sense to write a decent review but honestly it doesn't belong up there on the front page with things like Tar Boy and Larry and the Gnomes. It might be a nice idea but it took relatively very little effort and you did not do anything in the way of aesthetics outside of the absolute bare bones (text, button, pointer and more text). When you make the sequel at least put some effort into it instead of throwing together a very basic and generic tutorial. Go check out the Understanding Games flashgame (may be on here but if not look on Kongregate), that would be a good place to start looking for inspiration and ideas.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Review of a review

This was pretty good information and it did make me think. It's just that as a submission, it was lacking in several points. I think there should always be a background and not just white space. It would have also been nice if you put some music in it. While it's great that you are trying to help people, you do need detail. Gee, it seems like I always review things in the 9-10/10 range. Being one of the most prolific reviewers, I should know this better.

What I try to do in my reviews is simply express what I think. It is important that we point out the flaws while praising the good points. Slander can never work out for anybody. Albert Einstein looked pretty funny in this. Thank you for reaching out to the reviewing community to try to see the most important things for us to work on.

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0497335119 responds:

Thanks for the review, I know it could have been way way better, but I'm happy a lot of people appreciated and told me how to make it better, and i hope some people will learn something from this :)

Thanks a lot man !!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yo dude!

Nice going! I think if there's one thing which pisses me off with how Newgrounds is managed is the lack of encouragement and correct-cut criticism - mostly in reviews. Having a review system is almost useless if your reviews all look like: "Cool! thatwasawesom!" or "That wassssooooo gay! it SUCKED!!!". Awful.
Having someone actually approach this as a problem is something that Newgrounds as a community really needs. So firstly - nice going.
From reading some of the reviews you got basically entailing that "If something sucks - I give it a bad score and that's ok" - I think I can point unto how you can better focus your criticism. I think the one thing that most people who review or vote on Newgrounds do not understand is that one should build their opinion on the basis of the specific content they're viewing. That is, you CAN'T rate or review the creation of a 10 yr old on the same standard you are reviewing that of a professional obvious as it may sound - some people just don't get it. Now you did raise that point in your work here by trying to explain how not dissin' something in plain view and explaining the bad points - can get younger creator to want to get better. Great. But you probably could enforce the point that one CAN'T rate top-notch animation\flash creators on Newgrounds with the same standard as rating beginners. If we did that - we wouldn't let people make mistake - and learn from them. We'd be just throwing them off their creative "roofs".
On a side note, you don't "make" reviews you write reviews.
What's more - I think that if your medium of conduct would be more entertaining people would understand - and be more willing to accept your criticism. Instead of simply criticizing so blatantly - try and give your criticism some finesse by advancing it through a story\game\animation etc.
That way people will have a straight out example on why correct criticism is so important... how exactly and what specifically you'll animate - depends solely on your own creative cells.
Good luck in the future!

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0497335119 responds:

Hey thanks for the review, like already said, I'm happy people understand the point and aggree with it, I'll start making a sequel to the first one with better graphics and all the good points people told here, so thanks a lot for the information and the good review :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This Flash was really great! I think it don't need the annoying cursor which is blinking all of the time!

Eehm, I think this is REALLY great for people who are new to NG and making them understand that it ain't funny to call a flash submission 'Gay' or 'fagstatic' or anything worse. When I was new here on NG I thought it was funny to call things 'gay' and that was over 2 years ago, I have grown up pretty much and now I'm 13.

And I really hope that this submission will get on frontpage so new guys can see how you really shall write a review.

To make this flash be even better if it were more clear so people understand what you are writing because I didn't understand these 'questions.'

Anyways, Pretty awesome tutorial and hope to see it on frontpage later on!

//Jojo Q.Q

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0497335119 responds:

Hey thanks dude ! I also had hoped to see it on frontpage somewhere, but I think my animation still is too basic for that, but I'm happy a lot of people enjoyed this flash and I hope to make a sequel ( with al hints and tips ) from the first one, better graphics and a normale mouse :p

Thanks for the review !


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Wasn't great.

Firstly, the cursor was awful, the normal cursor would have been much more appropriate for something like this. The fonts were a bit much, some text was green and the blue text a pattern on it. Black text is easiest to read and the text should be a solid colour. The answers to the questions should have boxes around them so it's obvious you should click on one. Music would have made the flash better, but it's not essential.

I think the review advice was a bit off, videos are not supposed to be on Newgrounds, even if they are good, so giving it a score of zero would be okay. A flash that was badly made shouldn't get a score of six in a review, also the correct answer mentioned the flash having a good concept, but the information about it didn't.

Overall, it was fairly good advice although the scores were too generous.

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0497335119 responds:

Yeah, you have some points there and I'll keep it in mind for a sequel that I promised to some people , thanks for the rev. !