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Fruit N' Veg Attack 2

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20/3/10: Here it is - new, improved and saturated with more mental bile.

This one involved a lot of experimentation. It's not as bloody as the first Fruit N' Veg Attack animation, but if you like the idea of a banana electrocuting some poor hapless fuckzoid in the middle of the woods (in the name of a gigantic demonic tomato floating in the sky) and devouring the burning ashes with a spoon, you shouldn't be disappointed with this.



That was just freakin' sweet!

Lord-Desolator responds:

Cheers mate!


Not sure what to make of it, IN MY OPINION, the animation was poor, there was no substance or plot to be seen, and the length left much to be desired.


poor quality. looks like it took five minutes to make... perhaps by a third grader with dull crayons...

Take out fruit and veggie

I know this is the point but I think this can be a really cool horror flash if you made them into demons not demon fruit nad veggies put some silent hill music in it keep the gore and you got a great flash the fruit thing made it hard for me to take it seriously as it wasn't funny. Also the text box just feel really out of place. put it at the bottom of the screen

Lord-Desolator responds:

Yeah I didn't expect anyone to take it seriously nor did I think everyone would be amused. :)


I dont want bananas anymore..........

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3.04 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
4:02 AM EST
Comedy - Original