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Fruit N' Veg Attack 2

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20/3/10: Here it is - new, improved and saturated with more mental bile.

This one involved a lot of experimentation. It's not as bloody as the first Fruit N' Veg Attack animation, but if you like the idea of a banana electrocuting some poor hapless fuckzoid in the middle of the woods (in the name of a gigantic demonic tomato floating in the sky) and devouring the burning ashes with a spoon, you shouldn't be disappointed with this.



Makes me want to talk to myself...
Tomatoes are awesome!
No they aren't bananas are way better!
>.> Tomatoes taste better
Bananas are more healthy
Why would you want to die to something healthy? It makes for a wack epitaph
You have a point... well at least Ill die healthy ^^
Plus throwing tomatoes is allot better than throwing bananas!
*ahem* Banana gun. Enough said.
You have a point...

Lord-Desolator responds:

That's an awesome self-conversation, my friend. :)


you really have some serious issues don't you..

Lord-Desolator responds:

Of course. Sometimes they cater to my amusement.

Oh man, this is disturbing.

Why did it have to be a tomato? Well, that cn happen, but cats are the ones who will, terminate us... you'll see. ^^ Very cool, in a grotesque way ><

Lord-Desolator responds:

Lions, tigers and cheetahs kill people in real life, so I thought the tomato should have a go. :P Thanks for the feedback though.

Fruit and Vegetable Alliance!

Aww a nice and peaceful sunny day and...what? What the hell? Luciferian Tomato Sun? Awesome!

What's not to like people? Thank you Lord-Desolator for a brief glimpse into flash HELL. There is something unique about this video that hits a creepy and unsettling tone. Some of the other bizarre flash popping up on Newgrounds are trying way too hard. The simple animation and ghastly message hits home and delivers just fine as it is.

My favorite part is when the bananas in the distance race over the hill to slay more humans.

In all technical aspects the animation is basic, but the simplicity is what made this flash to me. The voices were straight out of Lovecraft and the music and sounds were perfect. The idea reminds me of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" meets Clive Barker. As for our fate to become compost, now would be a good time to consider being cremated, to avoid becoming blood ash salad! (just ash)

Looking forward to more flash from your proud mess!

Lord-Desolator responds:

Hehe my mind is a proud mess that won't give up without a fight - as long as its constituents stop fighting and squabbling amongst themselves. :P Thanks heaps for the in-depth review, it has touched me deeply.

I did contemplate doing a scene where the scythes rip through humans, but I might save that for another time. Not sure whether or not to do the scene in a future animation or just leave it up to the imagination. Not that you'd have to wonder too much what the bananas would do with the scythes haha.

While I'm always trying to improve my technique when necessary, I try to keep things to the point, while sneaking in a few little extra spices. I value simplicity as it makes the message very clear.

Again thanks heaps for that review mate, I look forward to brainstorming new messed up ideas and putting them together into a little Flash plague.

You succeeded

You've animated something that's VERY weird. It really grabbed me. Nice atmospheric music.

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Lord-Desolator responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. :)

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3.04 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
4:02 AM EST
Comedy - Original