Fruit N' Veg Attack 2

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20/3/10: Here it is - new, improved and saturated with more mental bile.

This one involved a lot of experimentation. It's not as bloody as the first Fruit N' Veg Attack animation, but if you like the idea of a banana electrocuting some poor hapless fuckzoid in the middle of the woods (in the name of a gigantic demonic tomato floating in the sky) and devouring the burning ashes with a spoon, you shouldn't be disappointed with this.

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please someone tell me

what is happening I really don't know it's just an banana killing an man

Lord-Desolator responds:

You either need to get the bucket off your head or learn to pay attention.


This is my second time watching it, I think if it was any longer though I'd lose my interest. XD I liked the dark atmosphere and the random sillyniss you tried to play in this, and a banana eating a pile of human moosh just made me giggle like crazy. although the art does seem "bad" I actually thinks it wouldn't work any other way. It's simple and silly and it just works. (And a little off subject but not really... I've read a few reviews that asked this...) For anyone who's wondering how it made front page if you actually read the "rules" and "explanations" You'd know staff hand picks the things for the front pages. sometimes for us to give positive feedback and ways to critique. C:

Lord-Desolator responds:

Thanks man. I'm in the process of working on the art and will add a few more little scenes. But I'll try not to destroy the movie with too much convolution. I always enjoy working on dark matter and adding silly shit to it. :D

Well said man, and I'm personally stoked it was on the front page in the first place. I appreciate both the positive feedback and the critique.


lololol could use some more killer fruit but prety good (and alittle funny)

Lord-Desolator responds:

Cheers man. There will be more fucked up and fruity incarnations in future movies. I usually prefer to deliver movies in small and bite-sized pieces.

why is this on the "featured movies" front page

I give credit where credit is due...but It has to be said. This was bad. There is absolutely no animation. Things just slid across the screen. Everything was flat and monotonous.

The only positive I can give about this is that it accomplished its purpose of trying to be very "demonic" and "horror-like," but aside from bad animations, a text box, and clearly no effort, this was a huge waste of time.

I usually don't negatively criticize other's work, but this deserves it. I can understand people upload things as a "test" or "work in progress" but don't upload garbage.

I'm sorry bro, but this was a bad attempt.

I don't get it...

A banana killed someone...That's it?

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Jan 24, 2010
4:02 AM EST
Comedy - Original