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Socialism in China

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this video was made by me, it was original, all rights reserved. Its all about Socialism.
Socialism in china
no more communism


Hmm not bad but need clarification

Ys far as a review of politcal propoganda imagey goes it's not to bad, no retro on idustrialist or russian pieces but very distinct pics. You do need to clean up your edges though, lots of white on the larger images. Also in when the sections of 3 workers are stacked try flipping or doing right to left to hide the edge of the image that cuts into a person.

Please include either a translation or simply a understanding of your intent. What is the stance on socialism given? Are you simply release a compliation or related materials or are you giving an opion?

One would assume it is a pro-china song but for all we know it could be on the virtues of powdered rhino horn for virility so a little more info can go along way.

Happy Posting

Translation needed

Yes some underlining translation in english would be nice for the anglolingual audience. Otherwise it was a good propaganda flash, even though i can not say i support communism myself (but that is off topic).

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First of all,this really,really needs a translation. Simply because few people understand chinese.

Secondly,I don't get the point of this. There's a bunch of of red army soldiers, (Rofl)-Mao in front of the red sun and various other people that sing something.
I guess it might either be pro-communism, contra-communism or just a commercial for chinese books (no,seriously,what are the titles of the book the soldiers are holding..)

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Jan 24, 2010
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