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Little Thing

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Author Comments

This is a game about one tiny creature that lives underground in his unknown world. He lives there his all life, but he never tries to travel through his world because of danger. His world is full of dangerous traps and puzzles, so to travel he needs to pass through all of the obstacles.

One day he realizes that he is the loneliest thing in a whole world. He has no one to talk to, no one to play with or solve problems. So he decides to risk his life and travel until he will find someone like him.

The game is full of interesting puzzles. They are not too hard if you will try enough. There is a walkthrough if you need help.
Good Luck!


Why you people are so rude?
This is not a game of a big company, it hasn't been sponsored and it even doesn't contain any advertisements. This is just an author's work.
Most of you can't even make something decent, but you have so much anger in your comments.
It is disappointing. I don't even think I want to make games anymore.
Thank you.



Yeah ok good effort....BUT...
a)Copied entire concept/style/gameplay and story line
b)didnt even bother mentioning where you got the idea from while your game is just a remix
c)Dude honestly you put yourself out there especially here and dont expect to see people talking rude?You serious?OF COURSE they will man!Its why they can comment for you to be able to judge yourself and your efforts from different prespectives rather than your own, which i might add dont seem quite right here...Its part of posting a creation dude....If you cant put up with the ones that dont like you or your creations then maybe you are not ready to post anything yet.
Think about it and dont give up cause apart from beeing a thief(kidding dude relax) and a couple glitches your game has its really well put together and it shows potential.

I agree with jestah25

played the first two levels and i immediatly thought of 'company of myself'
hopefully i will see some difference later

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Not bad.

It's a good game, taking the fact that you did it all by yourself, including the music.

But, no offense... this is really similar to "Company of myself", the story (kinda), and the gameplay...but shorter in style, and designs, and it's kinda buggy and glitchy :(

It's a preety nice job, though... i know you can do better, so don't get dissapointed and keep up the good work.



The first thing I have to say isn't about the game. Before playing any game here on Newgrounds, I read the "author comments." I don't mean to be rude, but it seems childish to say that you don't believe that you wish to make games because of rude comments. Whether they were rude is not up for me to decide, but every game receives rude comments. While this shouldn't be so, it happens. It bugs me (and a lot of other people) that when someone has a problem with a game, they don't even try to help the developer improve upon their games.

It also seems as though you're trying to guilt people into leaving complimentary comments and apologizing if they were rude.

I apologize if people were rather rude to you, but it happens. You have to learn to deal with it. If you just say what you did, then all you're doing is promoting more rudeness and "trolling."

On to the game:

I enjoy this concept, but you didn't seem to carry it out all too well.

The first problem I encountered was the fact that your character is a little green blob. It doesn't seem like you put too much work into character design, which is understandable. Your character is, after all, a "thing." Now, I actually disliked the whole design of the game (I.e. the grass, walls, etc). However, this is a personal preference and did not affect the game in any way whatsoever. At least, it wasn't possible for it to. The game is more about the story, or so I take it. To make any story have a strong effect on someone, you must be able to have a certain attitude towards the protagonists and antagonists. In this particular story, you should be able to like the main character, but that's always hard to do when you find them ugly. I may have grown to like had I been able to continue playing the game, but alas, I was not.

Immediately after being a little turned off by the character, I noticed that you actually slide when you stop moving. The fact that you slide is a problem. In platform games, you need complete control. If you don't, the game can be difficult on an extreme level. This, however, wasn't the case. Well, not for me.

When I got to the second level, I was unable to replicate. I tried pressing the "spacebar" key again, but to no avail. I then proceeded to hold it, but that caused a grey/gray screen to appear. I thought, "No problem. I'll just refresh an it will be all better!" However, this was not the case. After starting the game up once more, I was still unable to replicate. After pressing "spacebar" three times, I was sent to another level. This level had a purple "thing," a house, and some buttons. I believe it was either the next (third) level, or the last level. After all, those seem to be the only plausible answers when you're unable to play the game and continue the story. Anyways, I tried to continue from this level, but I hit a snag. I rolled on top of a button and replicated myself. Hazza! It worked! I jumped on top of the platform above said button and tried to replicate once more (just to see if it was a one time thing), and hazza! It worked! Oops. I just replicated myself four times and I am stuck going right and jumping.

The only thing that I could say I liked about this was the music. I enjoyed the music.

I would like to see what happens to this "thing" for myself, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

Anyways, I'm sure that I would have been immersed in the story and that I would of enjoyed the game, but it was broken.

Four stars for the music and possibilities.

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Apart some glitch, the rest was good :)

Well I won't make a huge post, cause "TheSonOfIllidan" resumed what I think about your game :)

Just don't let others decide if you have to continue or not to make games; just made it for your pleasure to make and share them with people who will appreciate it :)

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Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2010
8:18 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle