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This is a game about one tiny creature that lives underground in his unknown world. He lives there his all life, but he never tries to travel through his world because of danger. His world is full of dangerous traps and puzzles, so to travel he needs to pass through all of the obstacles.

One day he realizes that he is the loneliest thing in a whole world. He has no one to talk to, no one to play with or solve problems. So he decides to risk his life and travel until he will find someone like him.

The game is full of interesting puzzles. They are not too hard if you will try enough. There is a walkthrough if you need help.
Good Luck!


Why you people are so rude?
This is not a game of a big company, it hasn't been sponsored and it even doesn't contain any advertisements. This is just an author's work.
Most of you can't even make something decent, but you have so much anger in your comments.
It is disappointing. I don't even think I want to make games anymore.
Thank you.


Good idea.

This game is riddled with glitches and bugs that sometimes break the game i.e. touching a copy of yourself with your right side results in you not being able to move right. But you got one thing right, you shouldn't make games anymore.

0/5 2/10

P.S. I'm gonna join the bandwagon, this game rips off The Company of Myself.

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Seeing as the only way to beat the final level is to trap yourself in Lilly's prison forever, are you saying love is a never-ending trap that will start with immediate gratification but eventually devolve into madness and insanity as the mundane nature of it all overwhelms your senses and shuts off your passage to the outside world?

Quite insightful.

Amazing Game

Amazing game it was somewhat like me and myself i liked it better than me and myself tho.

I thought it was good

There was nothing major wrong with it, and it was different from "The Company of Myself." Not to mention, this is a much happier story. I like this game much better. Excellent job!! Don't be upset by the rude remarks of the other reviewers. No need to stop making games just because a bunch of people on Newgrounds were rude. If you are bothered by it, take your work somewhere where it will be better appreciated. This was in my opinion, an original and well made game. Keep up the good work.

Only three problems I can see.

One, try not to make the borders of the character a square when you draw him as a circle. Or draw a different shaped character. Also, you seem to jump to a different side when you hit the edges of things or you jump off the corner of your copy. Third, sometimes when you bump onto our copy, you cannot continue moving in that direction and so have to restart the level.

~Depes Crystalline~

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3.13 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2010
8:18 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle