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Janurary TwentyThird 2010

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Author Comments

Today we watch as the Clock Crew's number one action team, Team F.A.P.S., is being sent on a dragon hunt. The dragon is asleep so they have only one chance to kill it without it going apeshit on them.


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im gonna be hungry tonight

LotusClock responds:

Fried dragon's on the house, buddy

Omgz! A dragonz!

Dragonz are scurry. That arrow is super high tech awesomeness!

LotusClock responds:

Tsk, tsk. You're late today. That means you made another movie, right? :D


good good, nothing more...nothing less.

LotusClock responds:

The Clock Crew is all about being good good

I don't like it

This is bad.

Give it an actual story, not a stupid random story.

LotusClock responds:

says the guy who favourited all the On The Moon episodes.


i shit myself wen the beem came out of the arrow.LOL, dont think theres room for improvement, this was cool

LotusClock responds:

I was sure the joke would be predictable. Glad you enjoyed.