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Space Buckets of the Deep

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No one can go through this Flash without saying "WTF?"`

FUN FACT: You cannot leap through a space bucket twice in one birthday, as 37 of the Teleprompters are down :'(

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The Reason is Unabsolute

First off I want to talk about the artwork, the visuals this presented were good, nothing spectacular, but they were good, a twisted dimension could've been drawn better, but to give you more points for the inner sanctum of you mind wouldn't be fair. The animation was great, all the objects and characters flowed quite smoothly, but it could've been touched up here and there. The sound, well I don't think there was any sound or minimal sound it's kind of hard to tell, but for this case I won't judge you on it on the fact of being unsure. The music is interesting... it brings you in and then it warps your brain, that combined with the story warps your mentality. Speaking of which, what is going on here with the story, I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I want to know why I liked it. It's like was taken on this journey that was the illusion of storytelling, but we actually saw something that went together to that of a story. All in all this was a messed up animation, but I liked it.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Music
*Confused Story

|| Bad Points ||

Dapper responds:

There is no story, completely surrealistic. I'm trying to improve my animation even slightly more in my next flash like this, and I may make it a bit more disturbing ^-^

Thanks for reviewing!


I didn't say it, but I wrote it in the title, for the lulz. :P

I'm sure David Lynch will like this. At least I got the same feeling after watching this flash I get when I just finished watching any movie by David Lynch. ^^ (well, not any... but "Ereaserhead" and "Mulholland Drive" for example).

The surrealism worked really well here, but I think you should have left out the smiley faces. They looked misplaced in this flash.

{ Review Request Club }

Dapper responds:

Smiley faces didn't go well, eh? What about all the other things that didn't go well, lol. Thanks for reviewing, and I appreciate the David Lynch reference, Eraserhead was pretty damn surreal.

Quite interesting

Although this seemed a bit random and senseless I guess it was OK.

Animation: Seemed to be flashy backgrounds and yet it was random and senseless at the same time. I didn't seem to really get a grasp of what was going on either. Sorry.

Audio: Song at the start? It sounded pretty nice but what was it called? Also enjoy the use of a sleeping sound and static.

Storyline: Would try to go on this one but I really didn't have much of an idea of what was going on.

Overall: It was nicely animated and random, not much else from my point of view.

Review Request Club


Dapper responds:

Thanks for the 9. You not understanding what's going on is a goal I have achieved ;)

The song at the beginning is 'Hammond' by Smoove and Turrell.

I didn't say it.

Perhaps it's from my years of watching flash like this and leaving the occasional review that I sit watching this, desensitised to the sense of humour and mayhem that you try to confuse me with.

As I look at it, I can see that you've gone for surrealism here, with a large helping of confusion. Flashing screens have been done before, so has backwards writing. I think that the scene in the prison cell was about the only truly original thing there, but then again, it could be inspired by Alice is Dead Chapter 2 ;) It's not like you went out there to do anything overtly shocking for the audience, more something that bewildered, as opposed to being borderline offensive.

Why not have the guy that cut open the blue outline figure delve into the hole he cut, rip out something from inside and eat it? That would be more shocking, but there's bound to be someone on this site that expects that as well :P

[Review Request Club]

Dapper responds:

Thanks for the review. Confusion was my main objective here, and I fully understand that by creating a movie like this, I'd probably get in a few low scores. And, I didn't really get any inspiration or anything like that ;)

Story? No, this is my own little 'experiment'. Probably do something like this in the future again, maybe with a pretty shocking story. It needs to be different from the majority of NG movies.

Good Art

I thought the art was good and the animation was smooth, but you only get 5 stars from me because there's no plot.

Dapper responds:

I get what I deserve :(