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Zero Bullets

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The black stone has been stolen, Our leader ordered you to lead a group of warrior ships to retrieve the stone. Unfortunately. In the middle of the mission, an organized group of enemy robots attacked your group with their strong radiation storm. There was nothing left, except you. The main weapon has been damaged. The only one left was the secret weapon that can be active for several time. But don't be afraid, we have prepared you with a powerful shield, a shield that can catch enemy bullets, and reflecting back to them.

How to play :

Move your mouse to control the ship movement. catch all enemy bullets and click to release it
Press space to activate secret weapon
Use A, D, or LEFT, RIGHT to rotate the shield. Don't hit the enemies


Thanks NG for the daily 3rd.. it's my first award and I hope it's not the last.


Fun but a couple of issues

I had fun but there were a couple of issues. first was that I closed the game and came back to it and was able to go back to the last level I left off but I was no longer able to buy items and the money gain would sometimes add and other times subtract from the final total I had from the last level.

Second the unlockable level only available from your site means that if after playing the game here I go to your site to play the locked level I have to start form the beginning.

Also the smallness of the screen makes an already tight game even more claustrophobic.

Other than that I had fun playing it and I thought the different movements of the enemies and the way they fired added a depth to the game thats hidden at first.

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Ok, Really?

Ok, not to be rude, but how is this not just a very easy ripoff of the Bullet hell game? I mean same concept except this is ridiculously easy and instead of having a shield for a limited period of time you have it all the time. FOREVER.
I dunno man. The game was obviously well put together. I mean the graphics were good, and you seem to have the response time nailed on the bullets and everything. I just can't see why you could put so much detail into being unoriginal. Look, i played the game, it was ok. but it wasn't special man. sorry if it sounds rude. i am. I just think you can do better.
Things liked. The upgrade system. The graphics. Upgrades were good, i could see a definite jump in anything i bought. Well placed. The graphics were intelligently designed and the Ai was ok.
Things i disliked.
Level select. I think you should've left level select off until you beat the game. Theoretically you could just play level one until your invincible like those kids used to do with the first dragon boss on Gauntlet dark legacy. It was a bit tedious but you just play the level with a boss and then get all the money or exp and level up til your pretty much invincible. That makes it tooooo easy.
Shield FOREVER. C'mon man. We've given you an invincible shield as well? That doesn't even make sense in the story. Oh the main weapon has been damaged. Good thing our shield NEVER EVER FAILS. Cause we could lose a war if that happened. Nobody has a shield that never breaks. It has to be powered or something. I just mean think about what your saying, if you wanna have a shield that lasts forever, have a reason. Most Newgrounders are pretty smart. Anyways, The last thing i'll say, is that i think you can do well. Just please be original. I dunno. Maybe i'm just weird.
Even so, that's my opinion.

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Half-marks (5/10) for this one. It's pretty much all been done before. Gather enemy projectiles and fling them back at them. The game is very easy (all you have to do is dodge enemy fighters and click once in a while). No real aiming is required.

Also, the special attack "magic" just fires projectiles in a ring around the player. It makes up for its low damage by spamming so many projectiles that it can become hard for the player to see. One burst of 1-hit-KO projectiles would have been better... It would have the same effect and wouldn't take up the whole screen (it would also help prevent lag - though that wasn't a problem for me - might have been for other people though due to the number of moving objects on screen)

If you like dodge-n-deflect games, this one is as good as any. If not, give it a miss.

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I feel the same way as CyberCheese

It was a good game and I was disappointed that the game ended at lvl 12 on Newgrounds. A little suggestion is maybe to add a simple storyline and change the stages up a bit. It got repetitive near the end but good game!


It was too easy and with nothing new and exiting.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2010
2:13 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional