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Your goal is to unlock all the 10 stages by finding the right combination of elements. Look at the clues to help you, click on the 'Clues' button to give you one more clue but be careful because you have limited clues available.When you think you have the right combination set up on the panel, click the 'Verify' button to check the combination. At any time, you can click the 'Clear' button to refresh the panel of its elements.Your score is added 10 points each stage you complete plus the number of clues you didn't use.

Good luck and have fun!

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not bad

it was pretty easy, but it didnt give me my final score at the end. if you fix that and add a highscore board or something.

"Clues are annoying..."

At first the game was a little confusing, but then it started to make sense.
However, I found the hints to be kind of confusing and while I was confident with my answers they still ended up being wrong.

The thing that bugged me the most is many of the hints were very redundant. I often thought "yeah, I knew that already." That all said, the clues kind of annoyed me rather than helped. I didn't feel much sense of accomplishment for playing through the game- so the progression wasn't my cup of tea.

Points for programing and effort though.

good game...made me think!

and @ Ethernexus...how is the left side of your screen at your right arm? that would mean that you are playing with your monitor beside you rather than in front of you. you just need to learn your left from your right.

Unssuficient rules:

There is unssuficient info: I don't know what is a left.

Left and be my left arm, but the left part of my screen is at same side as my right arm, wich differs from my left arm. Considering this, left is not always the same thing: the right of the spectator is not the right of the screen as the left of the spectator is at same direction as the right of this same screen.

So, saying that star is at right of the yellow collor can mean anything.

The quotes are left of the key for:
[]"" the screen;
""[] the viewer.

And both of above sentences is right. Without the reference, right can be right or left. So, to play the game, we need to discover wich direction you had chonsen as the default, as the reference.

5/5 since is under judgement, but I think itdeservess a 3. It got effort even if lacks a little of playability after all, and it's not an extremely original idea, as everybody already played "einstein's" quiz, wich have the same idea but is a little bit harder.

I Like the idea

Could use a bit more pollish, but it's a good idea for a game, makes your head hurt a little :-p

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2.21 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2010
12:29 PM EST
Puzzles - Other