Adam's Prank Call

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I was very close to not uploading this. Oh well, I might as well.

Just for a laugh or two. :D

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that was....for some reason kinda funny, idk.


I don't know why it's funny. But it is. I think the best part is when the guy does the math in his head, proving that he's smarter than you.

Also, you sound like Neil from the Young Ones.

AdamJack responds:

I sound like a stupid hippy? wow. Thanks for such a wonderful comment.

Did he prank you or did you pank him?

That was so bad it sounded like the Asda store clerk was pranking you.

Obviously this wasnt a great sumbission, the quality of animation was poor however if ou have watched shows like phone-jacker and trigger happ you will know that superficial quality is irrelevant if you have something funny behind it. However this wasn't funny at all and let me tell you somethng if you argue that this was an atempt at dry humour, if humour is excessively dry then it just becomes nothing which was manifest in the fact that your "prank" became a conversation. Use humour that is funny be satiric be spontanious, I for example would have immediately gone to George and asked where George was. However the one good thing here is that you didn't take you or the prank itelf seriously.

Next time show some originality and be funny.

AdamJack responds:

I was very close to calling George and asking for George. If i did it would have been a very different story. I don't think I'm cut out to be a pranker - if it means being mean to people like Richard then I think it's not worth it.

I was very close to not even showing this to Newgrounds. Sometimes bad content is just as good as good ones. That's what I say. I mean... that's what she said. Zing!

...yeah. Thanks for reviewing.

dont understand

dont understand why this is a "prank" call....
not funny and where the fuck is the prank?!

AdamJack responds:

maybe life is a prank. 0_o

Even though...

It wasn't funny at all, that made it funny :)

AdamJack responds:

I like it when things are bad and then they can turn out to be good. :)

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