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Escape artist is my first flash animation incorporating 3d elements. I used a *free* 3d modeling program called anim8or, although I do know how to use 3d studio max. The short takes a look at an artist living in a dreary town on a strange alien like planet. The artist draws to escape her dreary existence by creating new world of her imagination and sometimes becoming immersed in them.
Please excuse the low quality resolution, i had to compress the file alot to get it under 10mb.


pretty good

Despite the fact that it was really short and simplified, i thought it was done well. Some of the 3d and surreal elements were a bit too pixelated and blurred to consider it artistic quality, but it still worked for the story. and i understand the title,
he/she(thought it was a he, actually) tries to escape the world by drawing a better world. i don't know what's confusing about that. were the other reviewers expecting some Houdini trick or something?
ill look forward to your other works. keep at it

Um im confuzed..

What does THIS have to do with ESCAPING?o_O
I mean,it would be better if you called it *Surreal artist* or idk BUT NOT escape..
Still,its a good start.. 7/10 4/5


very cool flash

Not exactly what I expected

When I think of escape artists I was thinking of people like David Copperfield. So what impressed me was that you took the word quite literally and had an artist who escaped the dullness of life through their work, very interesting. There's not much else you can say about it.

It was a bit choppy though between some scenes, but I really appreciate your simple yet incredibly perceptive ideas, nice job. I'm looking forward to more of your work.


that was pretty good a bit tripy but i like tripy things, but it's also a good methaphor

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Jan 22, 2010
2:16 AM EST