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Janurary TwentyFirst 2010

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So yeah. PinClock's got a new invention and wants to conquer the world, or some shit. I dunno. I'm starting to feel dry on ideas. I've done three weeks of random Flash almost non-stop and I don't see the end of it yet. Just vote 5, okay?


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...kill kill thingy?

So how DO you get one of those?

LotusClock responds:

You invent it. If a bowling pin could do it, so can you.

Why hello!

That invention is super awesome! And also Initial DEE MOOSIC! ZOMGZ!

LotusClock responds:

There you are. Been wondering if you'd show up. Looks like you were simply working on another movie.

Running in the 90's is the perfect song for super party times.

I win... (insert facepalm emoticon here)

What's your new infatuation with PinClock?

LotusClock responds:

He's a good buddy of mine, and I needed a character with a somewhat elongated shape so the lab coat would fit better. He was the first one I thought of.


thats all i can realy say is funny

LotusClock responds:

The Clock Crew provides Newgrounds with funny since 2001

oh my lord

dont let pinclock take over NG strawrberryclock save usssssssssssss

LotusClock responds:

He's had a killing lust since he got back from the Mountain of No Reason. Just give him a sandvich (with a v) and he'll behave.