Sketchy Friends Dance 2

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edit: Daily 4th! Thanks for the front page guys!

... Caution, this is a ninety second looping animation...
... don't watch it for hours waiting for it to finish...
... unless you really want to...

Hey there newgrounds, long time no see... What you been up to?
Me? I've been animating this on and off while renovating the house for the past month or so.

This time last year I made the first Sketchy Friends Dance, and it got a really good response from you guys. People even liked the fact that it looped forever, so I thought I'd make a new one.

Basically the whole idea was to take characters out of my sketch books and explore how they'd move without the need to tell a story. Then I'd take some of them and build a story around them, but the problem is that the better I get at animating the longer it takes to create each piece, and I don't have that huge an amount of time to spare with other commitments. A story is coming but it will be a long term goal, at least another years work, so in the mean time I'm going to keep working up these sketchy friends clips and testing out character's performances.

I really enjoy drawing them, and I hope you'll enjoy watching them (and if you really really do enjoy it please submit it to the music video collection).

Oh, and leave a review to let me know how you feel about it, or about life in general, or even your thoughts about puppies and kittens, I value your opinion on anything because YOU are one hell of a special individual. Never forget that.



So simple, yet so unique at the same time. Excellent frame animation and an enjoyable tune to go with it. Have you considered toying with the idea of helping to make a flash game of some sorts? Your style would probably be in high demand for those trying to make retro-type games.

TheBoogley responds:

Yeah, I've thought about it... a game would be cool, and I'm a retro kind of guy. :)


there's only one detail i noticed, you could hear the sound that the purple woman does even though she wasn't moving. what's up with that?

TheBoogley responds:

I wasn't sure about that, sometimes I thought I heard it and other times I couldn't. I should ask freezwalm about that, make sure if it's really there or not.

: D

Very niiice! Your animation has gotten a lot weightier recently. Quite pro, if you ask me.

TheBoogley responds:

I guess I'm going to have to ask you then, now that I know I'm going to get such a complimentary answer! :D

Whoa I watched this like 20 times...

My favorites are, in order:
#1. Blue Robot, because that dance animation is great, love the motion blur.
#2. Orange Caterpillar, I love the running head but I'm also impressed by the individual pieces walking forward and rejoining.
#3. Red Bird, because he is just gangster.
#4. Green Frog, I like his head shape.
#5. Purple Lad, because, why is she naked?
#6. Yellow skull/octopus man, I don't really like him, so that's why he's 6.

Good day to you sir.

TheBoogley responds:

You've totally read my mind, I like them in that order too, and for those reasons... I was kind of confused and frightened when I finished the purple lady, it's just how she came out... perhaps too many ours alone at the computer. And I don't really like how the yellow guy turned out either, what the hell is he supposed to be anyway. I just wanted a character to grow randomly on each beat, and he does that, but not in a good way. GIVE ME BACK MY BRAIN!! 8O

Very interesting

The entire idea is amazing, let alone the specific little characters and song choice. When the caterpillar thing first came in, I was laughing hysterically. Haha, very nice job.

TheBoogley responds:

thank you, you are second least sour lemon slice I've ever met

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