School Be Back

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It was just another wonderful, spiffy, carefree, happy go lucky, fantastic day....until

for all them folks getting back to their designated edjimacation , campus, or what have you.

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Original Idea

The Animation is a HUGE improvement from your previous works, and bears a resemblance to Legendary Frog (god bless his soul) when he was still active in Newgrounds

The Idea is original, and as my fellow comrades stated, it can easily be expanded

Example: instead of school killing Chu, you other "students" join you to fight school and you make friends and allies. Professors can be the school minions etc.

The acting is much better then your previous work, still has that humorist tone that can wrap around your soul and gently give nudges and pulls to stimulate laughter,

For the following review i'll throw a 9
For Improved Acting, Visuals, and Creativity, and docking you 1 point for being too short RAWR! we want MOAR!!!

This is ok...

I like the animation, the voice and the sounds are OK...
I didn't even expect more of it, but I'm... confused. :(

" I'm gonna play BASKETBALL... and ANIMATE..."
Hahaha, it's funny, cause that's what I think when a school vacation starts...

blank0000 responds:

Confusion, myess, I should make note of that sort of thing :) thanks for pointing that out.

ahhh its ok

it isnt the greatest but i have seen much worse kinda short but some things are only a test for the real thing or just plain bordam and that guy below me is getting to much into it the moment he puts time into making a flash game or flash vido for no profit i bet it would be horrible

blank0000 responds:

right on, felt it was worth posting and over all im happy with how it turned out. Every bit helps and I feel its rated at what it deserves :) I admit its a little on short side, I'll try and keep that in mind for next time. thanks!

What is that?

Low detailed character and environment, sound with bitrate of 64kbit/s, bad placed filters... No action at all!

blank0000 responds:

isn't your highest rated piece made distinctly with stick figures and text as opposed to diolouge ? I liked it, but it seems a tad hypocritical to mark me down for things you yourself have ignored.

I have to admit

This is in fact original, which is hard to come by these days! It was a little too short in my honest opinion. But the voice acting and the animation was above par, keep it up and hope to see more. :)

blank0000 responds:

why thank you! Appreciate the props. I try to avoid parody stuff and its nice to see it pay off :)

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2010
1:52 PM EST
Comedy - Original